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The Basics of Telepathy

by SheepKing

Note: The following articles contains an older version of the methods I use for sending and receiving now. While an excellent article, the methodology will provide a "stepping stone" to more advanced methods.

Well, after spending many an hour repeatedly answering the question "How do I send to someone, who I've not met before?" over and over again, every other day of the week, in IRC, I've decided to write an article, if that's what you'd like to call it. Well, I'm not an expert at this stuff, but have been practicing telepathy more so than ever, as of late. I'm pretty much better than I have ever been, in fact.

First off, I'll give you a quick run over of the basic components to telepathy. There are two parts: the sending, and the receiving. Without someone who can send a telepathic message, you can't communicate telepathically. The other way around as well, without someone to receive the message, you can't communicate telepathically. So, it requires BOTH a sender, and receiver. (The reason for this short paragraph, is that people often blame themselves only, for the failure, and quit faster than they start).

Now, to cover the sending portion. There are two types of sends: One, the more direct, "Direct Sending". This requires that you have some type of link up, or straight path to send your desired message. A link or path is merely a way to get "in tune" to your target. Just knowing that you are going to be sending to a specific person can be enough. The other, a more broad form of telepathic sending, would be "Broadcasting". With Broadcasting, you send out your desired message in every direction. Broadcasting is used to "target" a large group of people.

Direct Sending:

To directly send to someone, you would need to "Find Them" on the telepathic level. This can be achieved by merely thinking their screen name, or nickname. I'd assume that it works similarly to how Remote Viewing coordinates work. While repeating the nickname, or focusing on it, you will want to try and push your consciousness outward... This in itself is hard to describe. However, with practice, and a little luck, you'll be able to get this down.

After you have found your target, and are fairly comfortable with the "feel" of them, you'd begin to prepare for your send by focusing now, while maintaining your connection with the target, on the desired object to send. For example, I would think of a Blue Triangle, if I where playing colors and shapes in #Projection on IRC. After I've acquired the desired object to send, I would visualize, and push at the target, the desired object. Usually, I'd get a mental image of the target by the time I've connected, and there would be a little road into their forehead, leading to their brain. I'd see the desire object, traveling down the road, and finally going into their head.

If the target is sensitive enough to pick up the information sent, they will get some type of mental image. I'll describe more about how to receive, after I've covered broadcasting.


Broadcasting, as I said, is a more broad form of telepathic sending. This is generally used while playing a game with 4 or more people. Because of the nature of Broadcasting it might be necessary for the receiver to be more "aggressive" in the manner in which he receives. The receiver would be required to actually "move" into your location. However, if you are able to concentrate on multiple people at once, you should have no problem with getting in tune with them, and they might not have to become more aggressive in their receiving methods.

Now, to actually broadcast. Although slightly harder, it is far simpler than Direct Sending. Harder, only because the magnitude required to actually have it affect people around you can be quite high. When you wish to broadcast, choose the desired image. Again, I'll use an example from the "Colors and Shapes" game we play in #Projection on IRC. Merely, think the desired color and shape by visualization. I'd suggest that you didn't picture the earth flying around in space, if you wanted "Blue Sphere" as your shape.

After choosing the desired shape, and visualizing it, push your consciousness outside around you in a circle. You must maintain the desired shape/color in your head while doing this. Now, your friends should get more "aggressive" with this one, because you are only going a "small" distance comparatively.

Another method which requires that you are slightly more able to concentrate would be focusing on all four of your targets and sending the shape/color. While this is the "Same" as telepathic sending, it has a larger "scope", so I'll consider it broadcasting.

How effective either of these are is subject to your ability to send, if you can't send worth a penny, you won't be able to send either of these.

Now, to cover the receiving methods:

In IRC, while playing our games, there is only usually one sender. Give or take when Myriad is having fun, and projecting out the "Wrong Answers" to us. So, if you practice in #Projection, you're probably going to need to learn how to receiver better than send. Merely because you'll be doing receiving more than anything. I call the two forms of receiving, "Direct Receiving", in which someone directly sends to you, and "Aggressive Receiving", when someone is broadcasting for you to pick up.

"Direct" Receiving:

To directly receive, some type of connection is required. This is the connection going from the Sender to the Target, you, in this case.

To receive the message that the sender is pushing through at you, you will want to try and be aware of the telepathic signals around you. To do this, you must "extend your consciousness." Easier to say than explain I'm afraid. It's like pushing out your mind, and extending your field, around you. To form a soft "net" type thing. After some practice with this, you will be able to actually catch, the incoming information and redirect it at will.

"Aggressive" Receiving:

I use this term to describe receiving something by going straight to the source. This is quite useful if someone is broadcasting around themselves.

When doing this, you will have to connect with the target, or, go to the target mentally. Now, after getting near, or connecting to the target, you will want to begin to listen in on the messages going to and from that person. If they are focusing on the desired shape and color to be sent then it is likely that the general noise around that person will be dominated by that shape/color. After a short time you will be able to see the desired shape and color.

Remember that things like sending and receiving are two aspects of telepathy and any "subcategory" I make for each skill; such as broadcasting or "direct" sending, is merely an attempt to explain different ways you can use the skill. The same goes for receiving and "aggressive receiving".


*Note: References to #projection refer to 's online practice room.

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Last Modified on August 01 2006