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Broadcasting and Pinging

by annie

I decided to group broadcasting and pinging into one little article, as there isn't a terrible amount to write on either subject and they both loosely fall into the same "sending" category. The definition, from PsiPog's Telepathy Manual is:

5) Broadcasting: Very much what it sounds, broadcasting is the relaying of a telepathic message to an area or group. Much like a radio tower, in most cases broadcasting is performed by simply tossing thoughts out into the air for anyone sensitive (or close) enough to listen.

I don't have a great amount to add to that. We speak of our "mental voices" or your own voice inside your head. Broadcasting is just using this voice much, much louder. If you have ever had the pleasure to drive a car on a Friday in Los Angeles, you are well-accustomed to just how loud the voice inside your head can get. You are also well-accustomed to the flexibility of a certain finger, but that's an entire other article.

I mostly use broadcasting in crowds, because I'm a petite female who people tend to run over. I generally just broadcast something mean sounding like "Outta my way!". I also reinforce this broadcasting by elbowing people who don't get it.

A few years ago, I had gotten myself into a pretty traumatic situation. There was no way to physically communicate with me (phone, cell, whatever) but my father started freaking out 3000 miles away. He was on a business trip at the time, but I had apparently been broadcasting so loudly (unintentionally, I believe) that he called everyone he knew and sent someone to get me out of the mentioned traumatic situation. I don't understand the how, but broadcasting has been a survival technique for me more than any other psi skill.

You can also use this to send one piece of information to several people. This is how the shapes and colors game is done (usually) in the #projection practice chat room.

Now to discuss Pinging.

The ping is about as useful as a psiball. But like a psiball, it can be entertaining for the whole fam. Its' how-to is about the same as broadcasting, but on a smaller scale. You just want to grab the attention (or send the primitive thought pattern, or grunt) of your target, not knock their socks off. If you're still confused, you're overthinking. It is probably just communication on a more subtle level than you're used to. Practice practice practice. If you have questions on how to know if you're being pinged, I direct you to Gnome's Sensitivity Manual. It's an excellent article and explains how to be able to receive better than I could sum up any of it up here.

Good luck and happy practicing.


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Last Modified on November 19 2003