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by Gnome

Linking refers to the act of creating and maintaining an immaterial bond between two minds. It's either a conscious choice or an unconscious act. I believe they are largely created spontaneously through continuous sending back and forth between two people in a greater degree than they are being consciously created. Although perhaps not entirely the case in the psionic scene, the world of nons are filled with unspecific, unconscious linkage based mostly on emotional desires. People who fancy each other create a link between each other, but they rarely seem to serve any greater purpose than the novelty of feeling the other person. In short - a lot of junk is transferred back and forth.

I encourage you to read my sensitivity article, and tie these two together. They are more closely related than you may at first think. Sometimes in very drastic reaches. If by comparison we have a TV with an antenna you have to manually play with in order to see something else than grain - this is you without a link sending and receiving to someone else. If you configure the antenna well enough you can get a very clear picture but naturally it does take practice. On the other hand, if we have a TV with a cable we do not have to configure anything. The picture is more or less perfect. This represents the information being transferred between you and your target through a link. Now don't go all crazy and misread what I just wrote, linking will not effortlessly make you a competent telepath. It's not a shortcut and it's probably dangerous to think of it as such. Links have tendency to stick once they are created and it's very easy to make them stronger, even though your intention is to make it go away. Like bad company, they are harder to get rid off than to attract. In short - you will need to acquire a basic understanding of psionics before you even attempt this simply because the link can become stronger than what you can handle. I advise you, no I urge you to get this psionic foundation down before even considering linking. Don't bet on the admins and people of equal experience to come to your rescue and sever the link.

Basic psionic understanding includes, but is not limited to:

  • Basic Telepathy skills (locating sigs, fair sending and receiving ability)
  • Basic construct building (shield programming, creating and deleting shields)
  • A fair scanning ability

These are the requirements for creating the link, varying it's control and use, and ultimately cutting it, a task that usually proves harder than creating the link in the first place. Practice due caution.

This minor introduction is part of the disclaimer that reads as follows: I am in no shape or form responsible for your link and hence the potential discomfort it can bring. Neither is anyone else on PsiPog responsible for it. It is your creation and as such your responsibility. If you feel that you might be working over your head - consider yourself warned. Why the warning? Because of the nature of a link. A link is like having a person in you, just behind your head like the sun, but without the heat. You can feel it there at any time. They feel like vague extensions of yourself, tendrils with the unique texture proclaimed by the target's sig. Linked people will always "feel" closer to you than other people and they are not limited by geographical range. Halfway across the world I could still feel the person I linked to just as clearly as I could feel the people around me. The difference is that I felt him inside of me. So when you are linked, your immediate field does not feel like it's only inhibitor is you - it is now stretched out to incorporate another being.

And why is this so bad?
Well, you might not always be up for it. Some days you just want to be on your own and not constantly being vaguely "hugged" by the other person. This can sometimes be hard to shut out. Furthermore, if you are not careful with your programming and reduce the amount of information you want to receive and send, there really is no restriction of what doesn't go through. Private occurring thoughts can easily be transferred over the link, as well as bodily sensations - pain, pleasure and everything in between. Are you ready to share this with your link buddy in case your programming skills fall short?

And as I mentioned earlier, links are tricky to cut and inexperienced people might not be able to cut it at all, leaving them only to wait until it eventually fades away. Which happens if you ignore it and shut it out, something that might prove a challenge when you are hit by a steady flow of information you do not wish to take part of.

With that said - let us begin.
As I was saying before, there are two general branches of linking. The conscious ones and the unconscious ones; the controlled and the spontaneous. The latter has most likely happened to you before, if not by prolonged telepathy sessions with the same partner, then with certain people you've meet, people that made such an impression on you that you unconsciously linked to them so you could have them by you. These links vary in strength, but are not very hard to sever once taken conscious control over. In my opinion, it is best to let these primitive links dissolve on their own; or if you care enough, reprogram them to not let through so much garbage. By garbage I am referring to physical pains and discomforts such as itches, adaptations to temperature, physical tiredness, unspecific feelings such as anxiety, anger, etc. These are all bits of information you can live without.

Conscious links are probably preferred by most and hence I'll try to take you through it to the best of my ability. Creating them is a relatively easy task and seeing how links are in essence constructs, it's all about the programming - the intention you hold while creating them. It is very important that the programming makes sense to you or it will either not work at all or work in ways you did not consciously wish it would.
An example of this may be in order.

Great Sheep King and I were working through one of our sending sessions when we noticed (I can't vouch for him as there were minor pauses but I noticed fairly early) something immaterial, tangible and attracting was building up between us. From my perspective, it was as if the dark pathway from me to Sheep had been illuminated without making a light, it had somehow been made much clearer and the adjoining, immaterial, dark walls were made firmer. It just became easier to travel along the pathway to Sheep and deliver the message. For the sake of experimenting, we let the link stay for about a week and due to prior experiences, I programmed the link as soon as I was consciously made aware of it being manifested. I did this by perceiving the link to Sheep in this way:

I am standing on a patch, an endless patch of darkness not unlike space. My sensitivity, my field, is visible and represented as a lightly golden shimmer around me. There are countless other such lights around me, stretching out endlessly but they are all relatively far away from me. I then call out Sheep's sig to come to me and I feel it in front of me, his sig, with his yellow field around it. I let some of my field intermingle briefly with his to mark that we are "the same", then I place "him" a substantial distance in front of all the other lights, but still some distance away from me. I then feel a shimmering but distinct and hard purple line in front of me, representing the boundary between what I receive and what I do not hear. Because Sheep is now closer to me than other people are his sending will have a shorter distance to travel to the "crossing line", hence his thoughts will much easier be received than others, especially when consciously sending.

This works because I picture the sent material radiating from each individual sphere to have a decay rate and after some distance the message will dissolve. Unfocused garbage sendings, being the garbage that they are, also have a more foul feel to them and therefore decay faster than conscious sending.

This is a mental aid that made sense for me, please do not make the assumption that telepathy works this way as in reality, telepathic sendings are rarely, if at all, restricted by geographical space.

Now what was the meaning of this? Well, as I was saying, Sheep sent to me with ease and other people were pretty effectively hampered. The problem we encountered was Sheep's unconscious programming of his side of the link, which more closely resembled a plug cord from him to me with the subconscious programming that since there was an outlet, things are bound to flow along the cord. And they sure did.

At a very frequent rate I received pings and low stimuli sendings, and since I receive mostly through my head and my face I suspect some people might have though I had lice seeing how often I scratched my head those days. Not only did I feel echoes of physical pain and discomfort through the link, but due to Sheep's programming, it successfully absorbed much conscious sendings and projections and other psi activity and transferred it all to me. Naturally feeling slightly frustrated that his experiments didn't go quite so well, he went on quite extensively, unknowing I got hit by all of it, even though it was thankfully in a slightly faded form. This lead of course to me being more or less constantly disturbed throughout the day with pings, and not all of them felt like Sheep's. Either it is my inability to differ between sendings origins or somehow the "reflected" projection also influenced the feel of the sending, since I got it second handedly. Not knowing what had happened I assumed I was called by psipog people as not many people I meet everyday send those kind of pings to me.

For the sake of the experiment I let the link continue for about two days until we met, discussed what had happened and decided to cut the link altogether as he wasn't getting any work done and it started to get very uncomfortable for me.

Also, this may just be in my experience, but I find it harder to reprogram a construct, especially an unconsciously made one, than a manually made one because with the latter you know what programming has gone into it while with the former, you can't be totally sure of what your subconscious has planned for it. I find original programming done as the construct is being manifested to nestle itself pretty hard, so I try not to screw up the first time around. I highly suspect this is my subconscious take on it, that once the command is imprinted, it's hard to go back and remake it. It makes sense to me and it makes it easier to see the programming as "real" if it's edged in stone rather than being changeable if I just wish it to be different. My attitude when working on a construct is similar to people working with glass - I try to keep the session "running", working smoothly and swiftly, keeping an open channel to it. Once it's done, it's done and I'll let it go knowing it will do as I programmed it to do.

This is one way to establishing a link. The key factor is once again that the programming must make sense to you. Other visualization scenarios I can think of are:

  • Feeding a connection to the target through tactile visualization
  • Visualizing thousand little wispy threads that catch into the target's field
  • Locating your field, attaching a construct to the target's field, let it stretch over to you, and then molding it so it has the same feel all over as your field has.
  • Visualization people having unique variations of colors and patterns and letting the target get the same "coloring" as you have.
  • Visualizing a thick fog around people but keeping an illuminated path between you and the target.

As you see, it's easy to come up with creative visualizations. The hard part is to program it correctly and make it feel right for you.

Now that we got that covered, let's move on to severing a link. A very important step indeed.
Severing a link varies in difficulty depending on how strong the link in question is. If you're relatively familiar with constructs and energy manipulation in general, with some practice this won't be too hard. The easiest method for severing a link, and cleaning up old fuzz for that matter, is the Rattle. Now I won't take credit for this one as Rainsong introduced me to it. Basically, all you do is imagine a rattle shaking all around you. Feel the weight of it and the vibrations the rattle-filling is making. It's a surprisingly useful tool and can easily sever quick session links. Other ways to sever a link is making a shield but cutting out a square hole in it where you imagine the link coming in from. Then you attach one of those futuristic space doors that automatically open and close to the side to the square hole, making the door sharp and cutting the link. That's a method I use on and off and it works very well. You can cut it with a small bladed construct too if you wish, or just locate the link around your field, take conscious control over it and turn it to dust. It's easy with patience and practice, just keep your socks on if the link won't sever on the first try.

If you're still having problem after several tries, just shutdown for a couple of days. An easy way to do this is making a very tight shield around you, set it to last a few days and while you create it let a feeling of relief, as if you put down a very heavy backpack come over you. Locate your field and draw it into the shield, fold the shield into and over your field while grounding. If you did it correctly you should be feeling very centered, as if a former illumination around you has been extinguished. This is not permanent, so don't sweat. You're just taking a break for a couple of days. Reverse the process when you don't want it anymore, if the shield didn't fade away as you programmed it to; but this time you stretch mentally instead of grounding.

I hope this cleared out a few things, or was otherwise helpful.


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Last Modified on November 09 2003