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Mechanics of Telepathy

by Oneta

(I must say most everything here is based on my understanding of psychology and science, and while the concepts I will use here are proven, it makes no validation towards my claims, and therefore you must make the decision to accept or deny them.)

Taken at first glance, Telepathy is the transmission of thoughts and information from one mind to another, through seemingly thin air. But when you think about, air is made of molecules just like us, and therefore serves as a medium for our transfers. And according to physics, concentrated energy can only travel so far before it gets weak and disperses into the atmosphere. So how do our thoughts travel such far distances and yet hold form?

First off we must delve into the regular thought processes of the mind, which shows us how our thoughts, in fact are energy themselves. Our ability to concentrate on certain subjects are limited by the amount of attention we put on the energy of that source or thought. Normally as always the bigger wins out over the smaller, so something giving off more energy than say the amount you are putting into reading a book, you are more prone to pay attention to the other. We tend to put energy in the things we are interested in than stuff we don't care about, therefore we can pay better attention to that which we love to do. With knowing this you suddenly understand the reason sometimes your thoughts aren't received by another. But there is more to it that just that, because as said before you thoughts can't simply fly through the air, there is too much resistance.

Instead it travels in a different way. That way being through the pathways of the unconscious characteristic of matter. Through psychometry we learn that thoughts an ideas can be imprinted on objects through the object merely being in the subjects possession. This is due to the EMFs every object contains, especially humans, and though normally mistaken for being an aura, it is actually scientific in nature, rather than mystical. In the way that one tuning fork can pick up the vibrations of another tuning fork, and begin vibrating, much is the same in an objects reaction with a human. The object being imprinted of course rather than the Human, because humans omit more energy, therefore it overrides the lower energy level of the object, and soon the objects absorbs the vibrations of the human. The vibrations are merely more than just vibrations, for they carry the information on the person at the time, through the outward pulse of the energy of our thoughts through our EMF. So therefore, any object we are in contact with for more than a short amount of time, picks up our thoughts through the absorption of our EMF. And for psychometry sakes, some objects just as with electricity, are more subceptible to our EMFs than others.

We have also learned that there are more factors controlling matter than just the outward factors. What makes up for the basic movement of matter is all preset ways. The vibrations a certain type of atom gives off, the rules for its decay or non-decay, are all preset by some unconscious factor. So by influencing one these factors we are infact imposing upon the unconscious in a conscious way. By imposing upon one part of the unconscious you impact the whole, just as if I hit a horse in the leg, not only do I impact a horse leg, but I impose upon the horse as a whole. In this way we are all connected by the unconscious factors in our daily life. Even though this connection exist, communication is not as simple as just thinking about what you want communicated, but you must relay it upon the unconscious with emotional energy. It requires this step because the unconscious overpowers most outward forces, and needs an adequate thought full of energy before any idea you send or communicate to it can be noticeable in this heap of energy sources(the unconscious).

As for the receiving the thought, it is as easy, if not easier, than sending. Since the thought was imposed upon the unconscious, which is weaved through all matter, it is contained in the unconscious factor of all matter now. What more is your brain, if not matter? Which means the only step left is for your friend to search for your thought in the unconscious part of their mind, which shouldn't be too hard seeming that you, as prompted, should have filled it with energy. After all the thought is energy in itself, made of vibrational patterns commonly recognized by the human mind.

In a nutshell, Thoughts are energy, the more you put towards a thought, the better it is overpowers the normal thoughts of a person and is received easier.


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Last Modified on July 25 2006