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Telepathy Lecture and Practice Log

by Peebrain

Edited to improve readability.

[19:02] peebrain: alrighty, I suppose we can get started
[19:02] peebrain: we won't be practicing for a little bit yet, so if you don't have a partner this second, don't freak out or anything
[19:04] peebrain: thanks for coming Happy, I hope it's cool, but don't be lame and let's have fun Smile
[19:05] peebrain: so what's the topic
[19:05] peebrain: telepathy
[19:05] peebrain: telepathy is communicating between two minds without talking or making hand signals or anything like that
[19:06] peebrain: but you do need _two_ minds, so you can't really practice telepathy by yourself
[19:06] peebrain: that's why we have partners Smile
[19:06] peebrain: now, chances are most of you have read the articles on telepathy (I hope!) Blah
[19:07] peebrain: so... I can go into all that boring visualization shpeal, or I can say some new stuff about telepathy
[19:07] peebrain: I'm gonna say some new stuff instead Blah
[19:07] peebrain: personally, I'm not very telepathic... I'm "ok", but I'm not like super awesome or anything
[19:08] peebrain: but that's cool, that's why we practice
[19:09] peebrain: I'm gonna outline the exercise that we'll do tonight with our partners, then we'll go into some questions
[19:09] peebrain: when you practice telepathy, you have one person send some information, and the other person receives the information
[19:09] peebrain: you can send whatever you want...
[19:10] peebrain: shapes and colors is a popular game... one person sends a colored shape (like a green triangle), and the other person receives it and checks to see if they were successful
[19:10] peebrain: I personally like things a little more "real" than random shapes and colors floating in space
[19:10] peebrain: so I like sending fruits, or pictures
[19:11] peebrain: for the exercise, this is what we're gonna try to do
[19:11] peebrain: you're gonna PM your partner, and one person will send, one will receive
[19:12] peebrain: after a few sends, you guys can switch who is sending/receiving, so you both get a chance to do both
[19:12] peebrain: personally, I do 3 sends, then 3 receives, then 3 sends, etc...
[19:12] peebrain: how to send:
[19:13] peebrain: I want you to (not right now) close your eyes and pretend your partner is sitting there right in front of you
[19:13] peebrain: you don't have to know what he looks like, just stick on a random face, or use a black outlined figure
[19:13] peebrain: but convince yourself that whoever he is, he's sitting right there
[19:13] peebrain: next, take some time to relax
[19:14] peebrain: I know we're all excited and want to kick some telepathy ass, but you gotta chill out
[19:14] peebrain: breathe a little slower than normal, try to clear your mind for the most part, and just wind down a little
[19:15] peebrain: so you're sitting there, pretending your partner is in front of you, all relaxed... now pick whatever it is you're going to send
[19:15] peebrain: let's say apple for example
[19:15] peebrain: think of an apple, and I don't know if this will make sense or not... but think AT your partner
[19:16] peebrain: it's sort of like... if you were to call your partners name, but you stop yourself right before you say something
[19:16] peebrain: and just push that idea outwards
[19:16] peebrain: aim for the outline of your partner that you're pretending is in front of you
[19:17] peebrain: keep thinking of the apple, keep thinking it AT your partner, and try to think loud too...
[19:17] peebrain: like internally yelling
[19:17] peebrain: like when you're pissed that your sis did something stupid, but you don't want to yell at her because she'll smack you in the head
[19:17] peebrain: so instead you just scream in your head for a second
[19:18] peebrain: any questions on how to send?
[19:19] annie: [17:19] Helper: what does it mean "think at your partner"
[19:20] peebrain: ok think of it like this
[19:20] peebrain: say you're walking down the street
[19:20] peebrain: and you turn your head and you see a friend, but he doesn't see you
[19:20] peebrain: so you're kind of surprised a little, and you go to call to your friend
[19:20] peebrain: to get his attention
[19:21] peebrain: take that IDEA, that feeling... and apply it with the thought you're trying to send
[19:21] peebrain: you don't really say it out loud (though you could if you wanted to), but you just take that process, to think AT your partner
[19:21] Mannen: Darren: How do you know that you are geting something and its not your own mind making the image
[19:21] peebrain: at first, you don't
[19:21] peebrain: that's why you practice
[19:21] peebrain: over time you figure it out, and can get a feel for it
[19:22] Roy: viper776: should your eyes be closed when sending
[19:23] peebrain: I think closing your eyes is good for concentration purposes, but it's not required...
[19:23] annie: [17:20] tkk098: is this easier to use than most methods... in his oppinion
[19:23] peebrain: sure I guess... I mean... this is one way how I do it personally, this isn't the ONLY way I do it, but most methods are only slight variations
[19:24] Roy: GENO: How would you internally yell a picture?
[19:24] annie: good question.
[19:24] peebrain: heh
[19:25] peebrain: ok
[19:25] peebrain: like, if you were to internally yell "STOP!", you might associate that with a stop sign or something
[19:26] peebrain: or think of it like this
[19:26] peebrain: you ever get pissed and just think of a middle finger at someone?
[19:26] peebrain: you don't think "fuck you", but you sort of think of the hand gesture
[19:26] peebrain: it's implied in the picture
[19:26] peebrain: kind of like that... it's a little hard to explain
[19:27] annie: [17:19] Megaqwerty: do we send a visualization and the word?
[19:27] peebrain: sure, send as many senses as you can
[19:27] peebrain: that's why I like fruit, you can send a picture, a smell, a taste, a texture, etc...
[19:27] peebrain: and a word
[19:27] Mannen: SunriseKilledUs: does sending it a slightly hazier way decrease the accuracy of the send? like picturing their name in front of you instead of their outline?
[19:28] peebrain: I'm not really sure what you're asking... accuracy depends on a lot of things... you figure out what personally works for you through practicing
[19:28] peebrain: maybe that would work great for you, maybe not
[19:29] annie: [17:20] BlackHat: do you need to be in a comfortable position to send?
[19:29] peebrain: it's not required... but it helps
[19:29] Roy: SilverMonkey: what would happen if in the middle of sending your consentration is interupted by like a loud noise or something
[19:30] peebrain: depends on how well you're sending, and they are receiving.... sometimes the receiver can pick up on stuff like that
[19:30] annie: [17:23] Ness757: How do you visualize the connection between you and your partner?
[19:31] peebrain: for this exercise, I'm using the "pretend your partner is sitting in front of you" for the connection
[19:31] peebrain: in other exercises, you can visualize a link shooting from your head or something
[19:31] annie: [17:26] halfamitten: would picturing the word going to the person that you are sending to be a good way of doing this?
[19:31] peebrain: sure, try it out, see how it works
[19:32] annie: [17:25] tkk098: Is some types of music (differs with the person ofcorse) helpful with sending messages?
[19:33] peebrain: I have two songs that I play when I mess with telepathy... I don't really know if they help me, but they sort of just anchor me into "telepathy mode". like you said it differs for different people... I would imagine something that is relaxing would be good
[19:33] peebrain: ok
[19:33] peebrain: now for how to receive
[19:33] peebrain: so your buddy is sitting across from you, shouting this image at you
[19:33] peebrain: for this exercise, to receive is about the same thing as sending
[19:33] peebrain: pretend your partner is sitting across from you
[19:34] peebrain: but instead of shouting at your partner, think quietly to yourself "What is my partner feeling?", "What is my partner thinking?", "What is my partner trying to send me?"
[19:34] peebrain: pose these questions to yourself
[19:34] peebrain: and then sit back and wait to see if you pick up on anything
[19:34] peebrain: the hardest part is keeping your mind quiet
[19:36] annie: with this method, the visualizing partner sitting across from you, the questions of "what is my partner feeling" etc are helpful. but please please don't overthink this. this particular method makes it EASY to receive. it's almost overwhelming, when you know what you're looking for.
[19:36] annie: and of course that comes with practice
[19:36] peebrain: ya, stay very calm, and just quietly think to yourself "hmm? what is it?"
[19:37] peebrain: after you've posed yourself the question, just hang back and wait for an answer
[19:37] peebrain: the hard part is that your mind wants to think about something constantly
[19:37] peebrain: you need to just chill out, and clear your mind
[19:37] peebrain: if you don't receive anything, it's ok to say "I'm not receiving anything"
[19:37] peebrain: don't invent something because you expect to see whatever
[19:38] peebrain: clear your mind, wait for a feeling, picture, smell, whatever... just sit there and wait for it
[19:38] peebrain: any questions on receiving? send to annie, mannen, or roy
[19:39] annie: [17:38] Fangorn: I don't really understand how the receiver "finds" the sender's signal... If you don't know him, how can you tell what you receive isn't from anyone else in this chat?
[19:39] peebrain: you have your partner sitting in front of you, and you're asking about him in your head... you are saying "what is halfamitten trying to send me?"
[19:40] peebrain: your brain will work out the details
[19:40] Mannen: Megaqwerty: does visualizing a blank canvas help?
[19:40] Mannen: (for clearing your mind, I assume?)
[19:40] peebrain: if it keeps your mind clear and ready for external information, then yes
[19:41] Roy: halfamitten: Is it possible to send something to somebody without them trained (or prepared) to receive it?
[19:41] peebrain: yes, but that goes a little outside the scope of this lecture... but yes it's possible
[19:41] annie: [17:39] tkk098: is it more effective to visualize the image, or like get wording or what the image is?
[19:42] peebrain: it depends on the person sending... How does your mind work? are you a visual guy? or are you more of a sound guy? I personally talk to myself a lot, so if I say the word, sometimes that's better for me... figure it out what works for you
[19:42] Mannen: Hitsumei: Is it possible to recieve a smell that a person is sending you if you have no sense of smell? And if so, how would you know what this strange new feeling is?
[19:43] peebrain: beats me Blah I have a sense of smell, and I've never heard of people without one receiving information in that manor
[19:43] Roy: Both of these questions are similar: Helper: so to clear your mind would just a black background be okay | GENO: what method do you use to clear your mind
[19:44] peebrain: for me... if I pose questions to myself, I kind of automatically go into a clear mind... I am sitting there, waiting for a response. Robert Peterson used this analogy: like when you see a flash of lightning, and are just waiting to hear the loud boom of thunder..
[19:44] annie: [17:39] SunriseKilledUs: when i receive it usually is like a transparent outline with some like patches of color. if you become good at receiving do you see the object in detail?
[19:45] peebrain: depends on the person, depends on how you choose to receive the information... in your case, from your short description, it sounds like when/if you get better, it will fill in more
[19:45] Mannen: Maticolotto: Is this method of receiving information similar to scanning in some ways?
[19:45] peebrain: not really... with scanning you are going to someone, picking up information, and bringing it back... with this, you're just sitting there waiting for the information to hit you
[19:45] annie: [17:39] Guest716: how do you know when you get it easy to split it between regular thoughts and telepathic thoughts?
[19:46] peebrain: at first it's a little tricky... if you can keep your head clear, then you will notice when something just randomally pops into your head. sometimes it's surprising, and you'll think like "huh... now where did THAT come from?!"
[19:47] annie: [17:40] Minhack: Is there a distinct difference with the thoughts between people... for example are the sends I receive from my partner distinctly different from the sends I receive from someone else?
[19:48] peebrain: I woudn't say it's distinctly different... they all feel sort of the same for me. maybe with more skill you can notice a difference more? any other mods have comments on their experiences?-
[19:49] annie: i would definitely say it's distinctive. like voice recognition, almost.
[19:49] annie: [17:40] nathan: Is there any way you can recieve without your target sending?
[19:49] peebrain: yes, but that's outside the scope of this lecture, but it is possible
[19:50] annie: [17:42] psionicboy: question, If you have to recieve messages by focusing on a figure of a partner. What if someone sends something to you and your not concentrating?
[19:50] peebrain: if you're sensative to pick up on it, sometimes it just gets brushed away with all the other thoughts that are racing through your mind... and if you're good, you'll notice the foreign thought... for me, I have shields to prevent that
[19:51] peebrain: ok
[19:51] peebrain: so, if you guys are ready, PM your partner and try to send some fruit to each other (or shapes and colors, or something else if you want)
[19:51] peebrain: here's a sample list you can use:
[19:52] peebrain: apple, peach, lemon, banana, grape, orange, cherry
[19:52] peebrain: and any more if you can think of them
[19:52] peebrain: if you have success or failure, or whatever, PM me or the other mods, and we can try to help you out
[19:52] peebrain: if we think we notice a common problem, we'll talk about it in here for everyone to see
[19:53] peebrain: reports of success are nice Smile
[20:07] annie: [18:06] tkk098: How do you know who is at fault... the reciever, or the sender, in a failed attempt?
[20:08] peebrain: chances are you're both at fault to some extent
[20:08] peebrain: [20:06] RoundNoise: Can't clear my mind...
[20:08] peebrain: another technique for clearing your mind is to just "turn the volume down"
[20:08] peebrain: like... you still have all your thoughts racing, but you try to just make them a little more quiet
[20:09] peebrain: so it's like a whisper
[20:09] peebrain: then eventually, you turn it down so low that you can't hear them
[20:10] annie: i have a suggestion from vayate
[20:10] annie: [18:09] Vayate: By the way, you might want top suggest listening to a subdued, static sound (like when you turn the Tone dial on your computer speakers waaay up).
[20:10] annie: [18:10] Vayate: It tends to synchronize and focus everything for me.
[20:11] peebrain: Guest716 had some success, he's just gonna share what he thinks... (this is his first time practicing)
[20:12] Guest716: well im a newbie and i wasnt to sure about all of this but i still wanted to give it a try so i came here tonight
[20:12] Guest716: but me and blackhat had really good results
[20:12] Guest716: he was a better sender and i was better at recieving
[20:13] Guest716: the way i recieved it, it was like a bunch of pictures just kept on popping up in my head
[20:13] Guest716: and so i went with that fruit
[20:13] peebrain: cool, thanks Smile
[20:14] annie: [18:14] flyboy: when I tried sending a word (apple), my partner got the shape of an apple, but black. why did this happen?
[20:15] peebrain: hmm that's odd... sometimes random stuff like that happens... you're sort of at the mercy of how your subconscious decides to send it, and how their subconscious decides to interpret it
[20:16] annie: tkk had a comment on what guest716 said
[20:17] tkk098: i just agreed with it. I just visualized.
[20:18] tkk098: basically tryed to not think at all, and go with what pops in my head
[20:18] annie: and you had some success?
[20:18] tkk098: just with recieving
[20:18] annie: thanks for sharing
[20:20] annie: my methods are pretty well documented in the articles i've written. i don't have much more to add. my challenge to you all is just to keep at it, until it becomes habit/second nature.
[20:22] peebrain: well I'm going to "officially" end the lecture, but you guys can obviously keep practicing, and sharing your thoughts, etc...
[20:22] peebrain: thanks for coming Smile

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Last Modified on August 07 2006