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What is a Psi Signature and How Do I Scan for One?

by annie

This is a very popular question. One I have been asked several times a day over the past two or so months. So I've decided to do an article on the topic.

What is a psi signature? A psi signature, or energy signature, or psi sig as it will be referred to from here on, is simple. It is your energy or psi 'fingerprint.' Yours is unique to you and you alone. It contains different information for different people, but some of the fundamentals are the same. When I scan someone, I pick up the feeling of their person. What does that mean? That's where it gets somewhat complicated to explain. Think about the people in your life. Think about how you feel when you're around them individually. Being around a close friend is very different from being around, say, a teacher or parent. Or if you're in my age range, being around a close friend feels very different from being around a group of teenagers. Does just being around someone change your mood? Make you happy? Sad? Frustrated? Angry? So much so that it's noticeable when they leave? This is exactly what I'm describing here, but on a larger scale.

So, as I was saying. When I scan someone I pick up that feeling of who they are. Sometimes I see colors, which mean different things to me. Sometimes I will get a cramp on my anatomy where they may have a chronic problem. Occasionally I see "freeze frames" of some kind of a significant turning point in their life. Once in a while, I will even pick up on what they've eaten that day. What you see or feel depends not only on you but the person you're scanning. By now you should have a somewhat clear idea of what a psi signature is.

Now, what exactly is scanning? An excellent question, my friend. Scanning, as I use the term here, is "connecting" to someone to find out either specific or general information about that person. There is actually more to it, but it's not necessary to go into for this particular article. With me so far? Scanning is connecting to another person to find either specific or general information about that person.

Ok, you say. I jive with what you're saying. But how do I "connect" to someone else? To which I say, you obviously have not read the other articles on this site, have you? But I will give you an abbreviated version of how I accomplish this.

O.K. So, you know how superheroes always have a utility belt? Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Inspector Gadget -- all have superhero utility belts. And on that utility belt there is always a gizmo of some sort to use when they get stuck in the unfortunate situation of having to climb walls. You know the one I'm talking about, it looks like a little anchor with a rope that connects to the belt?

Anyway, when you're stuck having to climb a wall, or in this case make a connection to someone, you aim. Pick your target. A friend, a coworker, or if you're a superhero the horizontal top of the building. Fire away. Feel that rope extending out from your utility belt (I tend to connect through my sternum, so maybe that's a utility bra?) and the aftershock of when it hits its target. The idea is not 100% visualization, but if you don't get the hang of it right away practice with the visualization. Now, this is where the superhero analogy ends. When you're a superhero you pull yourself up and onto horizontal walking ground. When you're scanning, you want to pull the information you seek down the rope to you. Are you still with me? Aim at your target. Fire your connection "rope". Pull the information you seek back to you and receive it. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? How does this feeling differ from how you feel when you're alone? Make note of colors, shapes, emotions that aren't your own, all of your senses. Write this down. No, really. Write it down. As you practice this skill more, these things start taking on different meanings to you.

Let me give you some examples of people you don't know. I have a friend we'll call Chris. He is not naturally psychic nor does he practice anything in the field of psionics. I've known him since I was 11 years old and we don't have many secrets. When I scan him I see the color yellow. Yellow happens to be my favorite color and it signifies happiness/brightness/openness to me. Chris has horrible vision, and when I scan him I start seeing things in more of a blur. I see that he has no shields up and is only vaguely aware that I'm going into his mind right now. If I stay too long he'll figure it out and get hostile. I pick up that he has a cramp in his wrist, which leads me to believe he's spent his whole day at work in front of his computer. Feels like a carpal tunnel kind of deal. Ok I just got a nasty phone call from Chris, so moving on to the next subject.

I have an acquaintance we'll call Angie. I know her through my work, though we've never been especially close. I see the color green when I scan Angie. To me in this case, means she is somewhat self-absorbed and manipulative. She has no shields up either, which tells me she has no psionic experience. I feel a grief when I scan her, though I can't tell if it's because someone died or something/someone that was in her life is no longer there for whatever reason. I pick up no physical pain and I suspect she is sleeping right now because she has no reaction whatsoever to my intrusion into her mind.

One last example would have to be someone I don't particularly care for. For this article, we'll call him Dave. I also know Dave through work and we've butted heads on several occasions. I don't see any color when I'm scanning Dave right now. I feel an intense frustration. Like a testosterone rage fit. I feel a sharp pain in my right eye and into my nose, though I can't explain what that is at this particular moment. He is obviously very angry with someone, and has what seems to be an unconscious shield of anger around him. He has no reaction to my scanning him. [Author's note: The next day I found out he had been in a bar fight right around the time I scanned him.]

Scanning accurately, whether it be for empathy or general information, takes practice. And even so, you still need to be open to the fact that your own mind can cause distortions. Speaking only for myself, my brain tries to relay the information to me in a way I can understand. Relating it to one of my own life experiences. And still, to this day, that causes distortions and inaccuracies for me. But either way, get your pen and paper and start practicing. On willing participants, of course.

My final note would be to point out that I did not scan any known psychics in my examples. A word to the wise: you shouldn't either. This is usually perceived as an attack of some sort and will most likely be returned in kind. My momma didn't raise no fool, and I suspect yours' didn't either. So get permission before you practice this skill on someone. Especially if that someone is more skilled than you.

If you have any further questions that were not answered in this article please feel free talk to me in the PsiPog chat.

- annie

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Last Modified on August 04 2002