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Thanks Skywind!

June 17, 2002: Skywind started this site in 1993. I stumbled upon it in 1999 and quickly started practicing the exercises presented. Skywind's teaching philosophy has helped countless people, and it's an honor to archive this resource on the PsiPog server (which wouldn't have existed without her, by the way). I hope others will find her teachings as exciting and helpful as I did.

With that said, here's the material. I changed the formatting of some pages, but the content is still 100% the same. All material is copyright and written by Skywind. Comments/edits from me are clearly marked and in italics. The interactive parts of the site still work, so feel free to use them.

- Sean aka Peebrain
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Learn to be Psychic

Playful Psychic - teaches the abilities
Teacher/Student Database, over 1000 entries! - Temporarily Down

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Educational and General Psychic Links

Living with your Psychic Gifts, someone else's online book about psychic abilities. The author has similar terms to my book, and addresses many different areas than I do.

Research and Experiments

PsyPix Psychic Practice Game - Offsite Link

Science and Parapsychology, articles and links
PK Experiment offsite (scores to aim for)
Understanding the Statistics

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