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In August of 2006, I decided to stop actively working on, and to archive it. had been very active and had a lot of smaller projects being worked on. All these projects were stopped in their current condition, and archived in whatever form they were in. The following links are the projects that was actively involved in before the decision to archive. Please be aware that some of the projects were archived in an unfinished state. Nonetheless, I think the information is useful, and interesting.

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This section was never completed.

  • eBooks


    Back in August of 2004 I published an eBook on the most popular skills. The idea is to show how it all fits together, as opposed to getting stuck in the details. In August of 2006, I also published my unfinished sequel.

  • Blog


    I used my blog to post my psychic experiences, my ideas on psychic abilities in general, and progress updates for It's more informal, but you can probably find some useful information in there.

  • Newsletter


    Our newsletter was hosted by Yahoo! Groups and went out every two weeks. It was active from September 2004 until July 2006, and served as a means to answer questions in depth, share ideas on psionics, and update members on

  • Article Translations

    Article Translations

    The Translation Project was involved with translating the more popular articles into the most popular languages of non-English speaking members. KMiller started the project, I temporarily maintained it, and Oneta later then picked it up.

  • Forums


    The Forums were active and disabled through-out the years. Eventually we figured out the correct formula for maintaining healthy forums, and the archive represents the most popular psionic forums in the year 2006.

  • News Entries

    News Entries

    The News was a way to inform visitors on the home page on what was new on Usually it contained announcements on new features and articles. The News spanned from July of 2003 to August of 2006.

  • Polls


    The polls ran on the home page, and were interesting to see how the community felt on different topics. They aren't scientific polls, just friendly and informal questions to see how people would respond.

  • January 26th, 2007, PK Party

    Jan 2007 PK Party

    Our fifth, and last, online PK Party. Since this just happened, I don't have the page up yet. But hey, wait around a few days, and it might be

  • January 28th, 2006, PK Party

    Jan 2006 PK Party

    Our fourth online PK Party. Unfortunately, because of scheduling issues, I couldn't participate. Nonetheless, Roy and Kingcob stepped in to help. Because of the poor planning on my part, it wasn't as popular as previous Parties. Still some cool results though!

  • February 19th, 2005, PK Party

    Feb 2005 PK Party

    This was our third online PK Party. We had about 75 people at it's height, and we all tried to bend silverware together. These events are always a lot of fun, and we always have lots of pictures of cool results from the chatters.

  • May 5th, 2004, Flare Party

    May 2004 Flare Party

    We had the idea to get a bunch of people together and flare a construct in front of a webcam for everyone to see. We had about 100 people participate, and we had interesting results that are still debated about.

  • February 7th, 2004, PK Party

    Feb 2004 PK Party

    Our second attempt at gathering a large number of people to try and bend silverware collectively. Similar to normal PK Parties, except online in the chat room. Check out pictures of the results!

  • December 14th, 2002, PK Party

    Dec 2002 PK Party

    This was our first online PK Party. The idea was to gather people in the chat room, and to try and bend silverware together. RetroKat from stopped by and gave us some tips too, which was great. Check out the pictures!

  • Hosts "Active Psy"

    Active Psy

    Skywind, the creator of the website "Active Psy", decided she didn't want to maintain her informative website anymore, but didn't want to see it go to waste. gladly offered archiving this valuable information out of the shear respect that it has helped so many people, including authors of


Wasn't sure where to put these, so I stuck them here :-). Enjoy! :-P