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Ways to Build your Psionic Abilities

by Yumper

I know many of you have been losing sleep over not knowing how to work on your psionic abilities, but here we have a nice/handy list of ways you can practice with other psions. Have fun with them!

Table of Contents

  1. Shapes and Colours
  2. Numbers
  3. Guess the Fruit
  4. Scanning
  5. Remote Viewing
  6. Pass the Construct
  7. Remote Presence

Shapes and Colours

Type: Telepathic
How To: Create a selection of shapes and colours (default are: red, blue, green, yellow, star, triangle, circle, square). The colours and shapes are then combined at random (examples - red circle, yellow star). Then have one person send and other people receive. Take turns sending and receiving. This game helps to build sending and receiving abilities.
Players: 2 +


Type: Telepathic
How To: Sending from a range of numbers. Take turns sending and receiving. This game sounds easy but because numbers lack of qualities sending/receiving the number may be difficult. Try this game once you and a partner have mastered Shapes and Colours. This game helps to build sending and receiving abilities.
Players: 2 +

Guess the Fruit

Type: Telepathic, visualization
How To: Create a selection of fruits. Have one person send and other people receive the fruit. When sending the fruit take shape, size, texture, smell and taste all into consideration to amplify the image. Take turns sending and receiving. This game helps to build sending, receiving and visualizing abilities.
Players: 2 +


Type: Telepathic
How To: Take turns with a partner scanning each other. During the practice session you can scan for physical traits; age height, weight, ethnicity, eye/hair colour, clothing, geographic location. Not only can you scan for the physical traits; you can try scanning for the type and the condition of your partner's shield.
Players: 2

Remote Viewing

Type: Coordinate Remote Viewing
How To: There are many different ways you can practice remote viewing. One way is to choose an image from the PsiPog database at Keep the image a secret and assign it coordinates (for this you can use letters or numbers). Keep the coordinates less than or equal to 8 characters. Once the coordinates are assigned the other people participating Remote View it, and report what they have seen.
Players: 2 +

Pass the Construct

Type: Manipulation
How To:
Method 1 - Have one person create a construct with custom programming, then send the construct to each person in the chain. The programming is not tampered with, but more psi can be added to the construct, as it does not collapse before it reaches the last person. Each person can then report what the construct felt like to the original programmer.
Method 2 - Create a chain of people. The first person in the "chain" creates a construct and sends it to the second person. The second person then reports any sensations, once finished the construct is reprogrammed to be completely different, and passed down the chain. The cycle continues until everyone has gotten at least one turn.
Players: 2 +

Remote Presence

How To: RP to your partner's house while there, try interacting with them and looking around. Report any "landmarks" that may distinguish their surroundings from anyone else's. Your partner can report what they felt when you entered, from which direction you came from, and if you touched them. This exercise can help build Remote Presence and Sensitivity abilities.
Players: 2

Hopefully this list will prove to be useful. Just remember not to limit yourself to this list, be creative and think of your own games. Perhaps they'll be a hit like these are!


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Last Modified on January 04 2004