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The main content of is in the form of articles. These articles were written between the span from May of 2000 and August of 2006. For this reason, some articles are outdated... nonetheless, the information can be useful. No more new articles are being accepted, so please don't ask.

These articles are copyrighted, and you may not reproduce them without permission from the author. Please click here for more information on the copyright.


The ability to communicate from one mind to another.

Sensing the emotions of others, and dealing with those emotions.

Perceiving unknown information using the mind's eye.

Other Perception
Miscellaneous articles, including information on increasing sensitivity, remote presence, and dream walking.


Psi Balls
The infamous ball of psi. Multiple articles on how to make and use them.

A specific construct designed to protect an object (usually the psion) from attacks or overload.

General construct programming, and cool ideas for different things to include in them.

Other Manipulation
Introductory articles and other alternate forms of manipulation.

Additional Resources

Information on Micro-PK, Macro-PK, and all other forms of affecting matter with the mind.

Seminars & Classes
Logs from chats including classes and seminars that spanned over multiple days.

Other Skills
Miscellaneous skills, including information on Pendling, Phasing, and Biofeedback.


Documents concerning research done with psi, and their conclusions.

Soap Box
Personal opinions about certain aspects of psionics and the community.

Other Articles
More articles that don't really fit anywhere else.


Article Translations

The Translation Project was involved with translating the more popular articles into the most popular languages of non-English speaking members.