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General construct programming, and cool ideas for different things to include in them.

Advanced Constructs Seminar by Peebrain
A seminar that was held on August 8th, 2004 by Peebrain. Some ideas on how to use Constructs in different situations, and questions from the audience.

The Art of Programming by SunTzu
Describes three ways to manipulate psi: visual, tactile, and conceptual. Gives examples of each, and how one would use each method to program psi.

Evan's Handy Guide to Construct Flaring by Evan
Describes Evan's technique used for flaring constructs (making them visible).

The Shelling Guide by Gnome
Numerous methods to create a construct/psi ball that will stay alive on it's own, based on programming.

Force Bubbles by Rainsong
Instructions for creating psi balls and shields programmed to be Force Bubbles.

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