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Seminars & Classes

Logs from chats including classes and seminars that spanned over multiple days.

Advanced Constructs Seminar by Peebrain
A seminar that was held on August 8th, 2004 by Peebrain. Some ideas on how to use Constructs in different situations, and questions from the audience.

Remote Presence Seminar by Yumper
Yumper's Remote Presence (RP) seminar, held in the PSC chat room, describes some simple exercises to try at home, along with some questions and answers.

Out of Body Experiences Seminar by Peebrain
Seminar with some information on how to induce an Out of Body Experience (OBE), but mainly an interactive FAQ concerning the oddities of OBEs.

Empathy Seminar by Rainsong
Log of Rainsong (aka RainTurtle) describing the basics of empathy and answering questions from the other chatters present. (Please note: this was a PSC event, not a PsiPog event)

Psi Ball Warm-Up Log by Peebrain
A log of stepping through the process of moving psi around and making a psi ball, along with some specific help to some users who were having trouble.

Shielding Seminar by annie
Seminar covering the Bubble, Mirror, Marshmallow, Cloaking/Hedge, Force-Bubble, and Redirect Shield, as well as some answers to a variety of questions by the audience.

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