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Other Skills

Miscellaneous skills, including information on Pendling, Phasing, and Biofeedback.

Trancing, a How-To Guide by SunTzu
Good information on trances, and techniques to induce two different types of trance: Overload Trance, and Blank-Mind Trance.

Ways to Build your Psionic Abilities by Yumper
Seven games you can play to improve your telepathic, manipulation, remote presence, and remote viewing skills.

Visualization by Rainsong
Clears up some misconceptions about visualization, and gives some exercises to improve your visualization skills.

Anchors by Oneta
Describes a psychological process known as "anchoring" that allows the psion to create simple commands that execute complicated actions.

An Easy Guide to Nifty Triggering by Gnome
Defines what "Triggering" is; also gives exercises to practice using Triggering with pinging and keeping track of psi sigs.

Phasing; an Update (23 August, 2002) by Rainsong
An update to the original article on Phasing by Rainsong.

A Psion's Guide to Psychometry by Raveen
Defines terms associated with psychometry and lists ways it could be useful. Also gives one method to accomplish it.

Pendling by Rainsong
This little article outlines a bit about a form of divination: "pendling", or "pendulum dousing".

Dreamwalking by Rainsong
Gives different ways to accomplish Dreamwalking - the ability to enter into another person's dream.

Introduction To Energy by Peebrain
Gives Peebrain's personal ideas on basic energy perception and manipulation.

Concerning 'Phasing' by Rainsong
An account of personal experiences with a strange ability termed "phasing" where one physically passes into into a solid object.

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