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More articles that don't really fit anywhere else.

Understanding Probability and Significance by Peebrain
A tutorial on how to correctly calculate probability, along with free software to perform the complicated task for you.

Software: Synthetic Wave for Meditation by Peebrain
Free software that generates soothing ocean sounds using pink noise. Includes an alarm function to alert you when your meditation session is complete.

Psi-Games by SheepKing
A list of various psi-games for online and offline play.

How to Measure/Verify Your Skills by Peebrain
Lists ways to test and measure psi balls, shields, precognition, out of body experiences, and psychokinesis.

How to Practice by Peebrain
Some obvious instructions on how to actually take an article and put it to use. Advice on how to practice without sitting through a practice session.

The Ebb and Flow Of Psionics by Brandon
Lists some reasons why you might be having an "off day", and some basic tips for maximizing your potential by staying healthy.

Letter to Parents by annie
A letter aimed at the parents of young practitioners, encouraging them to get involved in the site that interests their child.

Receiving/Precog; My Experience with by Vigil
Goes over some tips specifically aimed at improving your score at, but are useful in every aspect of psionics.

'Normal' Uses for Unusual Skills by Rainsong
Lists practical applications of many skills covering grounding, shielding, telepathy, telekinesis, and others.

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