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Other Perception

Miscellaneous articles, including information on increasing sensitivity, remote presence, and dream walking.

A Guide To Dreaming by Jesserevis and Mad Hatter
Definitions relating to dreams, and information on how to induce and control lucid dreams.

Subtle Subconscious Ripples by Peebrain
More tips and information on how to hear your subconscious, and how to ensure that your results aren't just from an over-active imagination.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) by Stephen LaBerge
A chapter from Stephen LaBerge's book, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. This outlines LaBerge's highly effective MILD technique, used to induce lucid dreams. Reprinted with permission.

Receiving Images Using your Subconscious by Peebrain
Describes a method anyone could use to get the subconscious mind to show an image to you.

Communicating with your Subconscious by Peebrain
Discusses linking with your subconscious and how to receive and send messages back and forth, along with the benefits of having this skill.

Out of Body Experiences by Peebrain
Lists different methods for inducing an Out of Body Experience (OBE), including a bunch of tips and tricks, and personal stories.

Healing Manual by annie
Discusses healing in depth, and covers multiple techniques for healing with Psionics, Reiki, and Massage.

Trancing, a How-To Guide by SunTzu
Good information on trances, and techniques to induce two different types of trance: Overload Trance, and Blank-Mind Trance.

Out of Body Experience: The Handy How-To by Brandon
Steps through how to have an Out of Body Experience, with tips on how to get familiar with being out of body.

Remote Presence Seminar by Yumper
Yumper's Remote Presence (RP) seminar, held in the PSC chat room, describes some simple exercises to try at home, along with some questions and answers.

Remote Presence by Yumper
Defines Remote Presence (RP) and describes some techniques to help you succeed at it.

Out of Body Experiences Seminar by Peebrain
Seminar with some information on how to induce an Out of Body Experience (OBE), but mainly an interactive FAQ concerning the oddities of OBEs.

Receiving/Precog; My Experience with by Vigil
Goes over some tips specifically aimed at improving your score at, but are useful in every aspect of psionics.

Sensitivity Manual; How to Spark it and Keep it Growing by Gnome
A brief manual discussing how to increase ones sensitivity.

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