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Psi Balls

The infamous ball of psi. Multiple articles on how to make and use them.

Psiballs: The epic tale of how-to by SheepKing
A detailed guide on how to make a Psiball using Sheepking's method.

Seven Years of Psi Balls (Tactile Method) by Peebrain
After seven years of experience with psi balls, I outline another cool method to create one, with lots of colorful pictures :-).

Psi Ball Warm-Up Log by Peebrain
A log of stepping through the process of moving psi around and making a psi ball, along with some specific help to some users who were having trouble.

Throwing and Sending Psiballs by tkkid
As the title suggests, the article gives two techniques for throwing and sending psi balls (constructs).

So You Think You've Mastered Psi Balls? by Peebrain
Attempts to give the reader some creative ideas on what to do with psi balls once they start to get boring.

Fun Things to do with Psi Balls by Rainsong
Fun games and cool tricks to do with psi balls, including some practical applications.

Your Psi Ball Source (Peebrain's Method) by Peebrain
The most complete/detailed description of the method Peebrain uses to create psi balls.

Psi Ball FAQ by Peebrain
An FAQ about Psi Balls that address questions about visibility, energy sources, throwing, feelings, and other issues.

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