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Information on Micro-PK, Macro-PK, and all other forms of affecting matter with the mind.

NI's Telekinesis Training Manual II by Not_Important
More theories and tips from NI regarding telekinesis - very helpful and intelligent.

NI's Telekinesis Training Manual by Not_Important
Insightful theories on how telekinesis could be possible, along with clear steps to take to succeed. Well done.

Psychokinesis the Gnomish Way by Gnome
In-depth description of the popular "just do it" method of psychokinesis.

Telekinesis: Thoughts, Techs, and Tips by Peebrain
Delves into some philosophy behind telekinesis, then goes into exercises and tips to help achieve results.

Advanced Telekinesis: How to Succeed by Not_Important
Talks about both the responsibility of more advanced forms of telekinesis along with how to continue developing TK past the pinwheel.

Bored Silly by Your Regular PK Practice? by Rainsong
Gives ideas on different ways to practice telekinesis using simple items. Good if you're sick of spinning your psi-wheel.

Fire and Ice by Rainsong
Discusses both pyrokinesis and cryokinesis. Gives multiple exercises for each and explains ways to accomplish them.

An Introduction to Telekinesis by Peebrain
An introduction to Telekinesis outlining micro and macro TK, how to practice each, and exercises to try.

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