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Soap Box

Personal opinions about certain aspects of psionics and the community.

Closed-Mindedness: Dealing with Differences by Thubten Chodron
An exerpt from the book "Open Heart, Clear Mind" about closed-mindedness and how to overcome this negative attitude.

Moderation, PsiPog, and You by PantsParty
Outlines how to be a respected member of the forums, with information on how to volunteer as a moderator.

Beware Pseudo-Skepticism by Peebrain
A summary of my experience with the James Randi Foundation, a popular skeptical organization that offers a $1 million prize for proof of the paranormal.

Product Review: The Gateway Experience - Part 1 by Peebrain
Personal reactions from Peebrain on how effective the Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute is. This part covers Wave's I, II, and III.

How to be a Good Skeptic by Peebrain
Small rant on how to think logically and not trust every joe schmoe on the internet.

Cult Rant by annie
A rant telling the readers not to put the authors on pedestals, and realize that we are human too.

Newbie Rant by Peebrain
A rant about different types of annoying newbies. Please note that newbies are not bad, we were all newbies at one point, but some just drive us insane.

Rainsong's Rants #3 by Rainsong
Another insightful rant; this one concerning three common assumptions newbies make.

"Rainsong's Rants" #1: Fluff Rant by Rainsong
Defines what a Fluffbunny is and outlines some basic things Fluffbunnies can do to become less Fluffy.

"Rainsong's Rants" #2: In Mother-Hen Mode Again by Rainsong
Very wise advice for everyone who is practicing a skill. Everyone should read this.

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