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A specific construct designed to protect an object (usually the psion) from attacks or overload.

Shielding Seminar by annie
Seminar covering the Bubble, Mirror, Marshmallow, Cloaking/Hedge, Force-Bubble, and Redirect Shield, as well as some answers to a variety of questions by the audience.

Common and Not-So-Common Shields by Peebrain
Describes how to make six differenct shields: Bubble, Diffuse, Mirror, Marshmallow, Force Bubble, and Cloaking.

Concerning Blocks and Internal Shielding by Rainsong
Talks about shielding inside one's mind along with the pro's and con's of doing so.

An Introduction to Psionic Shielding by Rainsong
Discusses multiple ways to create a shield and why one would need one.

General Outline To Shielding by El Hardcoro
Gives basic information on what shielding is, how to make shields, and tips concerning what newbies should do.

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