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The ability to communicate from one mind to another.

The Basics of Telepathy by SheepKing
A detailed explaination of Telepathic sending and receiving.

Mechanics of Telepathy by Oneta
An attempt by Oneta to explain the mechanics of Telepathy.

Telepathy Lecture and Practice Log by Peebrain
A log of the event held on November 6th, 2004. An outline of an exercise, then fielding everyone's questions.

Empathy & Telepathy: The Right Touch by annie
Presents a challenge to the reader on a different approach for connecting with people around you.

Increased Sending Through Pinging by Brandon
Gives an insightful idea on how to increase your sending power, and an exercise to test it out yourself.

Scanning by annie
Answers some commonly asked questions regarding scanning.

Broadcasting and Pinging by annie
A short article specifically about broadcasting and pinging, as the title suggests.

The Telepathy Manual by KMiller, Myriad, Rainsong
Information concerning a variety of telepathy-based skills, including pinging, pulse sending, broadcasting, and scanning.

Linking by Gnome
In-depth article on what links are, how to link, and how to sever a link.

Telepathic Linking and Scanning by annie
Defines telepathic linking and gives a couple visualizations to use to accomplish it, along with techniques for scanning as well.

More About Pings... sort of by Rainsong
More tips and exercises to help those having trouble pinging people.

Telepathy - Ramblings About Pings by Rainsong
Goes into detail about telepathic pings, covering different techniques for pinging someone and why you might ping them.

What is a Psi Signature and How Do I Scan for One? by annie
Defines what a Psi Signature (psi-sig) is, discusses how to scan people, and runs through some real life examples.

Guess The Fruit by Rainsong
A popular game played between telepaths for practicing their skills.

Fun Things to do with Telepathic Projections by Rainsong
Short list of things to do to practice telepathic projections.

Telepathy by Rainsong
Gives exercises for starting off with telepathy and discusses what works, and what doesn't.

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