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All the content on is © Copyright 2000-2006 to their respective authors, with All Rights Reserved. What does this mean?

This means you can't take any information off of, and redistribute it, without permission from whoever wrote that information. You may copy the information for your own personal use - but you MAY NOT redistribute it. That means you can't put it on your own website.

There is only ONE way you can redistribute the information on - you have to get permission from the specific author to do so. That means if you like one of the articles written by Rainsong, and you want to post that article on your website, you have to ask Rainsong for permission. It's up to her - it's HER article. Not yours.

If you want to redistribute something found in the Q&A, you must ask permission from whoever wrote the question, and whoever answered the question. Each Q&A entry is © Copyright 2000-2006 to their respective authors. You may save the question/answer on your harddrive for personal use, but you MAY NOT redistribute it.

All the images you see on are also © Copyright 2000-2006 to their respective authors, with All Rights Reserved. Most of the images you look at were created by me, Sean Connelly, as I created this website. You MAY NOT redistribute these images. The images in the Media, and the PK Party images are © Copyright 2000-2006 to their respective authors, with All Rights Reserved. You MAY NOT redistribute these images without permission from the author.

All video is © Copyright 2000-2006 to their respective authors, with All Rights Reserved. The video has been posted on Google Video, so you may redistribute the links to Google Video, or embed the Google Video on your website. But you MAY NOT redistribute the actual video.

All software is © Copyright 2000-2006 to myself, Sean Connelly, with All Rights Reserved. Any software you find on this website should have it's own license agreement, which goes over the copyright in detail. In case of a conflict between the software's distributed license, and this page, the software's distribute license will be used.

How to Contact the Authors?

If you've been reading this, then you realize the only legal way for you to redistribute anything on this website is to contact the original authors. So how do you get in contact with the original authors?

You have to track them down. A lot of the authors are active in other psionic communities, so you can try looking in the links section to see if you can track them down. Some authors left copyright instructions or e-mail addresses in their article - in those cases, use that.

The copyrights will expire 70 years after the death of the author, according to U.S. Copyright Law. I'd be surprised if this server is still around at this point. But in any case - when that happens, you are free to redistribute the content without the author's permission. Since all the authors are young and healthy at the time of writing this, you'd probably have to wait until the year 2160 until the content becomes public domain on it's own. So if you want to redistribute anything - find the author, and get permission.

If you can't find the author, then you can't redistribute the content. If you find the author, and the author doesn't give you permission, then you can't redistribute the content. If you think this is unfair, then bring it up with your Senator. If you live outside the United States, then it's your responsibility to learn your own nation's copyright laws. All nations enforce some form of copyright.

My Personal Rules

Since I (Sean Connelly, aka Peebrain) own a lot of the copyrights on this website, I want to go over my own personal policy for the content that I own. Please note that these rules do not apply to content that I didn't create... they only apply to content I have created and own the copyright to:

  • You may redistribute any article, Q&A answer, or blog entry written by me (Peebrain), under the following conditions:
    1. You do not change anything. This means you can't edit any of the text, change any of the images, or translate the text.
    2. You give proper credit. This means you must clearly mark somewhere that the article was written by me (Peebrain, or Sean Connelly).
    3. You link back to This means, somewhere on your website (or whatever medium you're redistributing the article), you must have a link back to
    4. If you really really want to redistribute translations, and you promise that you'll do your best to ensure the translations are accurate, then you may translate the content in good faith. But you better do a good job!
  • You may redistribute any software written by me (Peebrain), in accordance to the license provided with the software. If there isn't a license provided with the software, then you MAY NOT REDISTRIBUTE it without permission from me.
  • You MAY NOT redistribute images made by me. The only exception is that if you are redistributing an article, Q&A answer, or blog entry, and that content includes an image. In that case, you must redistribute the image (because if you didn't, then that would mean you are editing the content, and revoke your permission to redistribute the content).
  • In the case that something I wrote has it's own copyright outlined in the document, then ignore the restrictions I outlined here, and follow the restrictions that are in the document. This means that if you want to redistribute one of my eBooks, follow the restrictions that are outlined in the beginning of the eBook - do not follow the restrictions on this page.
  • If something is unclear, then ASK! You may contact me at .


In conclusion, don't be a jerk. We try to help people out by giving away free information. All that we ask is that you respect us. If you notice someone copying content from, and they are doing so illegally, then you know what kind of person that webmaster is. A jerk. We realize that people like our content, and want to share it... that's great. But if you want to share the content, either do it LEGALLY, or just link to the page! It's that easy!