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Howdy howdy. My name is Sean Connelly a.k.a. Peebrain and I've written an eBook on Psionics. To download it, right click the following links, and select "Save Target As...".
PDF The Psion's Handbook : Overview of Psionics
The Psion's Handbook : Overview of Psionics (Mirror)
PDF The Psion's Handbook : Overview of Psionics (Printable Version)
The Psion's Handbook : Overview of Psionics (Printable Version, Mirror)
Russian PDF Russian Translation: The Psion's Handbook : Overview of Psionics
Russian translation by Art Mitskevich - thanks Art!
Get Adobe Reader To read the eBook, you'll need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's a free download, plus it's a really popular program that everyone has.

PDF Download the Incomplete Sequel:
The Psion's Handbook : Breaking the System

So what's in the eBook? As the title suggests, it's focus is hitting the major topics, without getting bogged down in the gritty details. Now I understand that people want to read the gritty details, but that's what the Articles are for - my goal with this eBook was to bring it all together at one location. I recommend anyone who is new to Psionics to read it. It will give you a good perspective on how everything fits together, and allow you to figure out what subject you want to research further.

Here are the titles of the chapters, to give you an idea:

  1. Introduction
  2. Philosophy of Psionics
  3. What is Psi?
  4. Introducing Psi
  5. The Infamous Psi Ball
  6. Constructs
  7. Shields
  8. Intermission
  9. Empathy
  10. Telepathy
  11. Psychokinesis
  12. Construct Flaring
  13. Out of Body Experiences
  14. Until Next Time
  15. Further Reading
  16. Definition of Terms

It's a little long overall, but it's better than reading all the Articles to get a feel for what Psionics is all about. I am releasing it for anyone to redistribute on their website, with the hope that it will give people who like to copy PsiPog's work something to have. I don't like finding copied articles on other websites, so if you feel like being an asshole and copying articles from me - here is a truce: copy this eBook instead. There are some restrictions (outlined in the beginning of the eBook), but I think it's a pretty fair trade.

Authors don't like finding copied articles on other websites. And it makes us not want to write new articles. This hurts everyone. But now you can take this PDF, and redistribute it all you want. No hard feelings, and everyone benefits. If you really like it, I would feel honored if you put it on your own server and website for your audience to download. I like free things, I like sharing - I just don't like people being assholes to me.

Other than that, why are you reading this?! Just download the eBook already! Smiley

- Sean Connelly
Webmaster of