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Note: The forums are no longer active, and have been archived since January 2007.

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Telepathy and Empathy

Transfering emotions or thoughts from one person to another by psychic means.

243 2546

Dream Phenomenon

Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreams, Dream Walking, and other discussions relating to the dream state.

368 3012


Discussion on viewing objects and events at a distance.

120 936

Psi Balls

An entire forum dedicated to topics relating to the psi ball.

198 2305


Construct programming along with topics about shields, and defense.

216 2320


Manipulating the physical environment around you through psychic means.

957 10930
General Psionics

Applied Psionics

If you would like another psion to do something for you (for example, if you lost something, and would like a remote viewer to find it), then post your problem here.

194 1154

Personal Techniques

Here you can post your personal techniques, and see how others like them. Share what you know! ...but don't bullshit to sound smarter than you are.

233 2399

Meditation and Trance

Relating to altered states of consciousness through different meditation and trance techniques.

48 843
Research and Ideas

Modern Sciences

Topics about physics, biology, and psychology, and optionally how they might relate to psionics.

72 895


An outlet for those skeptical of psychic phenomenon.

87 2174 Ideas

Ideas specifically for making and a better place.

127 1054

Translation Project

This forum hosts translated articles, and is a place for translators to share their thoughts.

42 57
General Discussion

General Discussion

For whatever you want, within reason.

356 10808

Hellos and Goodbyes

If you're new, stop in and say hello and tell us about yourself. If you're leaving, say "Goodbye".

129 648

Links and Advertising

Post your own personal website, or a website you found and want to share.

178 1306