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Welcome to!

Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to learning psychic abilities. PsiPog stands for Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance, and on these pages you will find over 90 free articles on psychic topics ranging from psychokinesis to out of body experiences. Feel free to browse around using the navigation on the top.

Please be aware that I no longer update or maintain PsiPog was created in May of 2000, when I was 17 years old. I decided to archive it in August of 2006, after feeling that it has served its purpose. Just because I'm done with this site doesn't mean that you can't learn from all the information we've produced in the years when we were active - so please read around and check things out.

If you have questions regarding anything you find on this site, I recommend finding another psychic community to answer them for you. You can find a bunch of cool communities in the Links section. Please do not send questions regarding psychic abilities to me, because I don't have the time to answer them anymore. Search, visit the Q&A, or visit the communities in the links section. Someone out there has an answer to your question Smile (or you can just figure out the answer for yourself! Blah).

Special Thanks

What you see is not just the product of myself. An uncountable number of people have contributed in meaningful ways; I would like to thank the following people for their direct and indirect contributions, in no particular order. I apologize to those I've forgotten.

Mom, Dad, Dianne, PJ Grandma, Rainsong, Not Important, Roy, eversosleepy, Mannen, Yumper, Kingcob, SheepKing, Jesper, annie, SunTzu, s0n, JoeT, stony1205, Evan, Oneta, PantsParty, Mad Hatter, amygdala, Apollo, theAntiCrikes, Brandon, ErikJDurwoodII, Elon, Dark Artist, Nazarak, Myriad, Randi, Kramer, Vigil, Spawn968, paranoid jester, Ace, El Hardcoro, Raven, Andy Hock, Kitsune, SoimbodyElse, Jael, Aphanas, Fidex, Placebo, Cullen, Hech, Float, Goober, DagoRed, Suni, Bobrobyn, Innerfire, StormSeeker, Zeus, ChezNips, WingedWolf, Anka, SawyerHickory, AFX, TD, BrerFox, infinity8, Martial Artist, Johnny Be Good, Death Minister, neveza, Lucidess, Eldibs, Strata, LadyKalee, kobok, Silverdawn, Aurafire, Spirit Boom, F8te, JBP, Skywind, Steve Pavlina, Erin Pavlina, Jane Roberts, Pete A. Sanders Jr., Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute, Robert Peterson, James Redfield, Stephen LaBerge, Thubten Chodron and Snow Lion publications, Derren Brown, Apt. 94, Hobbes, 11

... all 19,192 of the old members, 3,902 newsletter participants, 2,723 forum posters, and 1,883 chatters.

- Sean Connelly, formerly known as "Peebrain"
28 August, 2006