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Below are the links I personally have enjoyed over the years, and the places where I plan on continuing to check out.

  • Communities

    A Little
    My second paranormal website, with a focus on my own personal experiences and thoughts concerning the paranormal. Also has a forum, and online games to play.

    Psionic Social Club (PSC)
    Contains chat seminar logs on a variety of psionic topics, as well as a public chat. Just a warning: fluffbunnies won't be tolerated there.

    Psi Palatium
    Large resource of information on a variety of topics covering psionics, magick, and general psychism.
    Lots of information on telekinesis, including exercises and theories. Also a message board.

    Dream Views
    Cool site about lucid dreaming, with an active message board.

    Another psi community, with a cool directory of people looking to meet other practitioners, and other useful info.
    A community dedicated to exploring the human mind, created by Roy, a former PsiPog Staff member.

    More links to check out. Be warned though: there are a lot of fluffy sites too, so turn on your bullshit detector.
    A growing community of psions, with articles, videos, forums, and member blogs.

    A State of Mind
    A blog with a wide range of content, updated regularly, about psionics and the paranormal.

    The Psion Guild
    Contains information on psionics, but also touches on other things considered "controversial" by some PsiPog staff members.
    Community dedicated specifically to lucid dreaming.

    The Veritas Society
    Popular community dealing with a wide range of topics, including magick, psionics, and body energy arts.
    A site run by stony1205 with original articles on a variety of topics, and online events.

    Cool site with a ton of information on psioincs, and other paranormal topics like magick, new age, and spirituality.

    MegaTronic Laboratories
    ErikJDurwoodII's organization, dedicated to intelligent understanding of how psionics works.

    United Psionics Club (UPC)
    Cool psionic community that has useful articles on a variety of subjects, and an active chat/forum.

  • Psychic Studies

    Active Psy
    Online book introducing one to energy and explaining the most popular skills.

    Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual
    Awesome resource for information on Remote Viewing.

    Dimensional Doorways
    Contains a lot of good information and is where some of us started out.

    Bob Peterson's Homepage
    Contains an online book pertaining to out of body experiences. Very insightful.
    Site focused on bending silverware with PK. Nice information and cool pics too.

    PJ's FireDocs
    Lots of information on Remote Viewing, and some other tid bits too.

    Got Psi?
    Cool online games to test how good your psychic skills are. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Scientific Resources

    Lucidity Institute
    Very nice site focused on the topic of lucid dreaming.

    Cognitive Sciences Laboratory (CSL)
    Dedicated to researching psi scientifically and explaining it without relying on mysticism.

    Does Psi Exist? (Broken?)
    Replicable Evidence for an Anomalous Process of Information Transfer by Daryl J. Bem and Charles Honorton

    Rhine Research Center
    Research organization aimed at understanding the fundamental processes that underlie psionics.

    Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
    Large resource of scientific information concerning psi and the mind.

    Foundation for Mind-Being Research
    Has a list of editorials, including a great one on Psychokinesis.

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