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Welcome to the Media section! Now, I do realize that these videos and pictures are hard to believe for some people. I'm not posting them online to "prove" that we are legitimate. It's very obvious that any of these videos or images could be fake. I'm always amazed when people think they "figured out" the trick, and feel the need to announce it to the world. There are a million different ways to fake these videos and pictures - that's not the point. The media isn't posted online for people to argue over whether something could be fake or not. It could be faked! So don't turn off your brain Blah!

Nonetheless, the media didn't pop out of nowhere. We are claiming that it's real, but we have no way to prove it to you over the internet - so please realize the restrictions of this medium. Even a 20-minute long video that goes over every angle could still be fake. If you want PROOF, then the only way we can provide that is to challenge you to try the techniques for yourself, and see if YOU can produce results on your own.

The reason the media is posted online is because: we can, and it's cool. Nothing more. We have the capability to do it, and it's cool to watch. That's all Smile.

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    JoeT Remote JoeT Cell Phone JoeT Book Float Quarter Float Toothpick NI Watch NI Pen Annie Psiwheel Peebrain Psiwheel The Mandarin Psiwheel Brandcolt Psiwheel

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    NI Knife Evan Flare 1 Evan Flare 2 Evan Flare 3

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    Over the years, we have compiled a large database of images from online PK Parties. For more information, please see the Archive section for more information, or to view a listing of all the images, click below. All images are © Copyright 2000-2006 their respective authors. All rights reserved.

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