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News Entries

Final PK Party
Posted by Peebrain on January 15th, 2007:


The final PK Party is scheduled for January 26th, at 9:00pm EST. You can view more details here on the calendar, and you can post questions/comments in this thread on the forums. I hope everyone who wishes to come can make it! Thanks Smiley.

Posted by Peebrain on August 25th, 2006:

To clairify the last news entry, since some people don't seem to understand exactly what I'm going to do... is not shutting down. It is being archived. This means that you can still type "" into your webbrowser, and you'll still come here, and you can still browse ALL the articles, ALL the Q&A, and everything else. It will ALL be here, and I am not getting rid of any information.

The only thing that I am shutting down are the interactive portions of the site. That means that you can still access the Q&A, but you won't be able to submit new questions. You won't be able to "log in". You won't be able to send PM's to people. You won't be able to post messages on the message board. The chat will not exist. These are the interactive portions of the website that will be halted.

Please stop telling me how horrible I am for getting rid of this information. I am NOT getting rid of any information Blah! It will all be here - so relax. What I am getting rid of is my own personal involvement with, which means all interactive portions of the site. Hosting an archive doesn't require me to be involved, and I'll be free to work on my future projects. Interactive portions do require me to be involved, and it will keep me back from creating my next project.

If you think that it totally sucks that there won't be any forums or chat, then just sit back in your chair and breathe for a second. There are a million forums out there, and a billion chat rooms. Check out the links section for some other awesome communities that you can visit for your forum and chat needs.

But most of all, for the love of God, focus on what is important. Is it really important that you won't be able to spend wasted hours on my forum? Consider this a liberation, and use it to re-focus on your true goals. Stop falling prey to this community drama, and start DOING your own thing. Sit and think about it.

Moving On
Posted by Peebrain on August 21st, 2006:

After a lot of thinking, I've decided that it's time for PsiPog to come to an end. It has a lot to do with my own realizations on why I created PsiPog in the first place, and what is important in life in general. I plan on archiving PsiPog over the following months - so don't think that this information will be "lost", or anything like that. PsiPog generates enough money from advertising to support it's own existance, so the only real change is that I'm going to shut down the forums, disable membership, close the Q&A to more questions, and shut down the chat. Basically, all the interactive parts.

I'm not doing this all at once! This will be a slow process over the next 6 months to a year. But it's the direction we need to move in. I do plan to start another website based off of my new understanding of my entire experience, but it is in conflict with the ideals of PsiPog. Which is why PsiPog has to be archived.

If you'd like to hear more about why I feel PsiPog needs to end, then please read my blog entry, by clicking here. Thanks for everyone's support, and I look forward to the next incarnation of our understanding.

More Articles
Posted by Peebrain on August 9th, 2006:

More articles keep pouring in.

  1. Psiballs: The epic tale of how-to by SheepKing
  2. Psi-Games by SheepKing
  3. The Basics of Telepathy by SheepKing
  4. Subtle Subconscious Ripples by me
  5. Software: Synthetic Wave for Meditation by me
  6. and Moderation, PsiPog, and You by PantsParty

Server Update
Posted by Peebrain on August 7th, 2006:

Ugh Blah.

I just recently updated the servers that host If you've noticed some strange behavior from the site, please be patient Blah. If you've just recently joined or sent mail, it might have been deleted. Everything should be in a stable configuration now... but some of the articles are still printing buggy text.

Sorry for any strange problems. If you notice any bugs, please let me know via e-mail (, PM, or the forums. Thanks for everyones help in getting running on newer technology.

New Articles
Posted by Peebrain on July 24th, 2006:

So for the past while, I've been denying new articles to the website, because I wanted people to wait until I got the new up and running. I didn't want to bother with the current article system.

But I've been working on this new system for quite a while now, and it bothers me when someone sends me a good article, and I have to deny it because the new system isn't ready. So I made a temporary solution. I have a temporary article submission system in place, and I've given a group of smart people access to it.

So everyone should start seeing new articles soon. At the very least, I'm going to start writing and posting articles I've personally been saving up. To see the newest articles, go to the Articles section, and scroll down to the "Top Ten Most Recent Articles" list.

Hopefully this will get some new information flowing around Smiley.

Edit: And it did! We have seven new articles up already, and I continue to expect more:

  1. Mechanics of Telepathy by Oneta
  2. Mechanics of Remote Viewing by Oneta
  3. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) by Stephen LaBerge (excerpt from his book)
  4. Beware Pseudo-Skepticism by me
  5. Electromagnetics and the Paranormal by Oneta
  6. Seven Years of Psi Balls by me!
  7. RV Protocol, Specific Methods, and Accuracy by Aphanas

Reproducible Results
Posted by Peebrain on June 22nd, 2006:


We've just done some cool stuff that might be pretty ground breaking. If you'd like to read about it, check out my blog post about it. I would love to hear if someone else tries to reproduce the results we got.

Other than that, I continue to work on the new PsiPog, and I'm slowly converting the current media to Google Video. Check out the forums, my blog, or the newsletter for the most up-to-date stuff.

New Video
Posted by Peebrain on May 28th, 2006:

Hey, I just got a new video from JoeT, and I'm testing out using Google to host the videos. I'm hoping to move all the videos to this system, because Google kicks ass Smiley. Here it is (click on play to start):

New Visitors
Posted by Peebrain on May 14th, 2006:

Howdy! has recently been linked to by an article on, a popular website on Personal Development. First, that's awesome Smiley! I've been a reader of Steve Pavlina's site for a while (as shown in these news entries, back in November of 2005). The guy is cool as hell, and he talks a lot about things that apply directly to psionics, like beliefs and fear. He is starting a new category for his articles, labelled "Psychic Development", and I can't wait to hear his take on things. His first blog on the topic is already a great read.

If this is your first time at PsiPog, and you found it by following the links in Steve's blog, then welcome Smiley! The majority of information on psionics is in the Articles section, so feel free to browse around. If you have questions, your best bet is to Search the site first, but if you still can't find an answer, you can either visit the forums or submit a question in the Q&A. If you really have no clue where to begin, you can get an overview of psionics by reading my free eBook, located here. Thanks for visiting, and thanks to Steve Pavlina for the link Smiley.

Posted by Peebrain on May 4th, 2006:

For those that don't know, SheepKing has scheduled telepathy practices in the chat room every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 3:30pm - 4:30pm EST. Anyone can join, all you have to be is a member. For more information, read this post on the forums, and if you have any questions, you can contact SheepKing or myself. This is a good opportunity to practice some fun stuff in a group - so don't be afraid to show up and have fun!

Future Updates
Posted by Peebrain on March 23rd, 2006:

Just letting you guys know that I'm still coding and working on the new I've coded over 1600 lines in the past 2 weeks, and hope to maintain a 500 lines/week average. As a reminder, you can read about ideas and my psychic experiences on my blog, located at My next eBook is roughly %30 done also! So don't think I died Smiley.

Ed Dames Interview
Posted by Peebrain on February 4th, 2006:

JoeT has set up an interview with Ed Dames for! Read this page for more information.

PK Party!
Posted by Peebrain on January 21st, 2006:

Finally, a new PK Party has been scheduled.

Please read this page for more information. And don't forget to check out the new media that was posted in the last news entry!

New Vids!
Posted by Peebrain on January 20th, 2006:

I just added two new videos in the Media section. So check them out! Leave a comment on the forums. Thanks Joe (sorry for the delay Blah)!

Forums are Up
Posted by Peebrain on January 12th, 2006:

The forums are online. Please be patient while we go through the transitional phase of figuring everything out. You can join and start posting at any time. Hope it works out!

Posted by Peebrain on December 8th, 2005:

Hey Smiley,
I've been keeping a blog of my psychic experiences, sort of like a psi journal. It's actually cool to read others' blogs too about psychic things, so if you have a psi blog, then e-mail it to me (, and I'll add it to this list:

Posted by Peebrain on November 27th, 2005:


This guy is really smart, and I think this one particular audio file is really amazing. Click on this link and check out file #005 on Beliefs. He asks you to think of a goal, and uses weight loss as an example. Instead, think of a psionic-related goal (mine was "to kick ass at psychokinesis" Blah).

Link: Steve Pavlina PodCasts

Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by Peebrain on November 24th, 2005:

Happy Thanksgiving Smiley

I hope everyone is doing well and have the opportunity to fill their stomachs with excessive amounts of tryptophan.

Posted by Peebrain on November 20th, 2005:

Hi all,
An interesting link was submitted to me by jynx. Check it out, it's a short read, but interesting:

Human Hands Emit Light -

Posted by Peebrain on October 16th, 2005:

Someone e-mailed me, suggesting I check out a magician, Derren Brown. A quick google search brings up THIS SITE. This is really awesome, and while it is magic, I believe the implications of his tricks might be useful to our understanding of psionics. Check them out! (I'm not implying that psionics is an illusion or trick in the mind, rather I want to point out how powerful situations, beliefs, and thought processes affect perception of reality).

New Design
Posted by Peebrain on October 8th, 2005:

I've updated with a new design. It still doesn't fit PERFECTLY, so I'll be updating little elements here and there to make it look better. The main advantages are:

  • Should load faster (especially the flash version)
  • Looks better (in my opinion Blah
  • Accounts for new sections of PsiPog, and is more easily edited for planned future sections
Hope everyone likes it! If not... too bad Blah.

Posted by Peebrain on September 2nd, 2005:

Hurricaine Katrina really jacked stuff up where I'm from (Pensacola, Flordia), so things are a little hectic until civilization returns to normal Blah. Hopefully in a week or two I'll have internet, but we'll have to wait and see. In the mean time, if you have questions, feel free to e-mail me at - I try to check it every day in the lab computers. Or just submit it to the Q&A.

Posted by Peebrain on August 24th, 2005:

Hi guys Smiley,
Just letting you know that I am alive... just without a computer. I can't connect to the chat, but I do try to reply to a lot of the e-mails I'm getting, and I post a little bit on PsiOnline's message board. I haven't sent out a newsletter in a while either because of my limitations. I should be getting my computer and internet access back in a few days, so expect a newsletter this friday/saturday, and I'll see some of you guys in the chat!

Yahoo Group
Posted by Peebrain on August 2nd, 2005:

Someone sent me this link, and I thought it was cool. This is a Yahoo! Group dedicated to psi balls!

Check it out if you're into psi balls, or want some help on how to make one. (Note: This is not a PsiPog sponsored group, it's run by someone else).

OBE Article
Posted by Peebrain on July 16th, 2005:

Another new article:

Out of Body Experiences by me.

New Articles + Chat!
Posted by Peebrain on July 10th, 2005:

I have permanently updated the chat to the new system. I've also updated the chat rules - for information on how to chat with us (using your own client!), please visit: the chat page.

I've also added three new articles!

How to Measure/Verify Your Skills by me
Product Review: The Gateway Experience - Part 1 by me
Researching Psi - Part 1, Telepathy by SunTzu

Check them out, they kick ass Smiley.

Chat Update
Posted by Peebrain on June 27th, 2005:

The test with the new chatting system went pretty well! Sure we got in trouble because the bot misbehaved and pissed off the guys at BUT they forgave us and we got the major bugs fixed Smiley.

I estimate it will take 1-2 weeks before the entire system is done. Once it is done, the chat will be open to ANY client (PsiPog Chat Client if you still want, or any other one).

Until then, the chat might be a little unstable while I balance between the two systems. I'll post another news entry when EVERYTHING is complete, and we switch systems entirely for good.

For the record, the chat is back the way it used to be for the time being: You MUST use the PsiPog Chat Client to chat.

New Chat!
Posted by Peebrain on June 25th, 2005:

Oh boy!

Ok, so I've sort of hacked together a bot for the chat room. Chances are it's a little buggy, but I'm going to let it run for the weekend and see how things go.

You can NOT chat with the PsiPog Chat Client while the bot is activated (I haven't updated the client to work with the bot), but you CAN chat with any other client! For example, mIRC is a very popular client.

Point your settings to, and /join #psipog_lobby .

For those of you that don't know what that means, boot up mIRC and cancel out all those screens that pop up right away. Then type: /server - wait until it connects, then type: /join #psipog_lobby and follow the instructions from there. PM me if you have problem (via /msg [peebrain] help! )

The chat will probably be buggy while I get it up and running, but try it out and let me know what you think!

Article + Meeting
Posted by Peebrain on June 16th, 2005:

Hey all!
First things first - a new article! I've finally posted something new, hurray Smiley! You can thank Yumper and Oneta, who have worked hard on this great article on Remote Viewing. Click here to read it!

Also - this Saturday at 10pm EST I will be holding a meeting in the chat room on the future of PsiPog. For more information, please click here. Come and share your opinion!

News + UFO Guy
Posted by Peebrain on June 12th, 2005:

Hi all!

I officially have internet! Hurray!

So... it's time to get going again. I have a lot of plans and ideas. What I want to do (before I start getting to work) is to hold a meeting for EVERYONE to attend. I want to hear EVERYONE's ideas and comments about and the community (that doesn't really exist right now Blah). I'm going to set up a date in the calendar for when/where this meeting will be. Hopefully it'll be soon, like next Saturday, but I'm waiting for some things and I need to get an outline going too. So if you're interested in being a voice in the community, and helping improve PsiPog, keep checking the calendar for when this meeting will take place.

On a completely unrelated note, check out this video. It's kinda freaky! UFO Guy. Conference
Posted by Peebrain on June 6th, 2005:

For all those close to the Washington DC area, there is a conference on paranormal stuff, held by the folks at For more information, see: - it's from July 6th-11th. These guys are hardcore scientists that know what they're talking about, so I would highly suggest it to whoever can make it.

Hum hum...
Posted by Peebrain on May 19th, 2005:

Hey hey,
Sorry, but I've found out it's nearly impossible for me to do any work on the site until I get my computer up and running :-/. I'm currently paying $.18/minute just for internet time to check my e-mail. I should have my computer in another week and a half (right around the start of June). Sorry for the waiting, cya soon!

Oh goodie :-P
Posted by Peebrain on May 7th, 2005:

So I've finally graduated Basic Training - hurray! Unfortunately, my Tech School is being retarded and not letting me use my computer for another month. And the lab computers are complete crap (Windows ... 98?!). I'll try to keep things updated, but it'll be hard until I get MY computer up and running. Nonetheless, it feels good to be out of Basic Training, and I have SOME freedom now. I'll try to resurrect the Newsletter, and start sorting out possible new Articles. I won't be allowed to chat on lab computers, but hopefully I can get some work done on the site.

News From Peebrain
Posted by Daimajin on April 16th, 2005:

Hey guys! Peebs, with is super haxxor skills, was able to get an email to us and had a message for all of you: "Hey everyone! I'm nearly out of Basic Training and PsiPog should be getting updated more often once I get back. I'll be graduating at the end of April, and should be back online during the first week of May. The server that hosts PsiPog is acting up a little bit, and I can't fix it from this lab computer, so don't flip out if the website goes down. It WILL be back up once I get on my own computer during the first week of May. (Or the site might not go down at all... we'll see). Thanks for continuing to visit, and thanks to all the moderators for stepping up to help out! Keep practicing and don't forget to have fun... and if you think your life sucks, try to appreciate the little things like not getting screamed at every 15 minutes ;-)."

Posted by Daimajin on March 17th, 2005:

Well, Peebrain is now in basic. We all wish him the best of luck, and look forward to his triumphant return sometime this May. And in his absence, we will assume power and rule you with an iron fist!!! But in all seriousness, we will endeavor to keep things running smoothly. A new newsletter has just been sent out. I know, I know, it's a bit late (we are still getting the hang of this "being responsible" thing). So read up on the newsletters, come to the chat, chill for a while, we'll talk about psionics and other related topics. Bring punch and pie. ~The Staff

Basic Training
Posted by Peebrain on March 6th, 2005:

Hi all,
I'm going to be gone for a little while. I've joined the United States Air Force, and I'll be going to Basic Training on March 15th. I won't have access to the internet until I graduate Basic Training, which should be around the first week in May (hopefully Blah). In the meantime, I've handed over some power to the other mods. Hopefully things will run smoothly, but if not... hey it happens. Don't panic Smiley. If something crazy happens and goes offline, it WILL be fixed when I get out of Basic Training. If other minor bugs occur, just wait them out, and they will be fixed in time. Thanks for your patience, and I'll see everyone in a few months Smiley.

Posted by Peebrain on February 28th, 2005:

Yo yo!
If you are reading this, then you are somebody interested in psionics in one aspect or another. Even though we are scattered all over the world, we are all connected by this same interest. Maybe you're somebody who wants to learn to make things fly across the room with telekinesis, or you might be somebody who hears other's thoughts and want to learn control, or maybe you can't do anything and you're skeptical of it all!

Either way, we all share the same interest one way or another. In the future we will have forums, but until then our sense of community is hard to feel. But that doesn't mean your thoughts and ideas don't have an impact on PsiPog. Here is your chance to be heard and make a difference!

PsiPog is cool, and we work hard on it - but it can be better. It's not a finished product; there is always something that can change and improve it. I want your ideas on ANYTHING related to PsiPog or psionics. What features do you think would be cool? What events do you think would be fun to attend? How can we make what we currently have work better? I have ideas myself, but I'm not egotistical enough to think I can come up with every cool idea Blah.

So here is your chance to make a difference. E-mail all comments, suggestions, and ideas to: Don't be shy - be heard! Thanks Smiley.

QnA Update
Posted by Peebrain on February 25th, 2005:

I've updated the Q&A so now everyone can rate each question and answer. This way the more helpful things can be filtered to the top (if you choose to sort by member rating). I also changed the normal sorting so that most recent stuff is on top (before, it was based on when the original question is asked, right now it's based on when the last reply was added). So: the Q&A has been slightly improved, and please check it out and leave your feedback by voting on each post Smiley.

PK Party Results
Posted by Peebrain on February 21st, 2005:

Hey hey,
We had a fun PK Party... about 75 people when it was busiest. Tons of pics. Click here to see the pictures that I received from other people. I have no way of confirming if they're real or not, this is just how I received them, and I'm posting them for others to see. Check it out, form your own opinion on them. I'll write up a page for the Features section sometime soon, but I wanted to show everyone the pics ASAP. Thanks to everyone who came to the party, I hope everyone had a good time Smiley.

PK Party
Posted by Peebrain on January 30th, 2005:

Hey hey,
Ok, I've finally set a time and date for the next PK Party. It will be Saturday, February 19th, at 7pm EST. Read THIS PAGE before coming! Also, you might want to check out the earlier PK Parties to get a feel for what will happen. Basically: we all get in the chat room, and try to bend our silverware with PK. It's been a lot of fun in the past, so set some time aside and join us! Smiley

New Media
Posted by Peebrain on January 16th, 2005:

Holy cow, Float has sent me another video and I had to put it online it kicked so much ass. I know this might kill my bandwidth, but it's worth it. Everyone hurry up and download the vid - it's in the Media section at the top.

Also, if anyone out there in cyber-land could be kind enough to mirror the file for me, that would help greatly. Just PsiPog Mail me the link to the file on your server.

Posted by Peebrain on January 8th, 2005:

Hey all,
I updated the design of the Login popup (click on "Login" to see), and I fixed the Search page finally. Smiley

TP Groups
Posted by Peebrain on December 27th, 2004:

Hey all,

The students have been chosen for the Telepathy Groups. Jespers isn't going to teach, and I don't think eversosleepy is going to teach either. To fill the void, myself and annie have taken students.

Not everyone has responded to our e-mails, so here is the official roster. If you haven't gotten an e-mail from your teacher, and you're on this list, please report to the chat room or send a message to your teacher using PsiPog Mail.

Peebrain : Mochachaos3, daslickest, LordTysoc, Ancheron, Firebatwb, ruby_1111, lexdejavulex, Daemien, Steven_Laird, Little_Badger, sephirothsangel, mindgimp, Sonic232, Nirva

annie : Vayate, Lescuyer, truekimbo, technique, Pycnopodia, tameer, infinity, bluetears, Psynapse, amygdala, justokre, Alaster

Daimajin : Kingcob, SawyerHickory, glassviolin, Padiwan_Learner, Oneta, astrodude15, SimonJester, FrenchHorn, UnknownSpirit, Sanguinaria, ashxmb, LiLStar

And as one last surprise, I have a late Christmas present for everyone. We caught a psychic battle on camera! Below is a link to the movie, check it out it's insane:

Click here to watch the awesome psychic battle.

Telepathy Students!
Posted by Peebrain on December 9th, 2004:

Hey hey!
Would you like to be trained in telepathy by the PsiPog Staff? Do you think you'll be a dedicated and awesome student? Would you work hard if you had the opportunity? Do you like learning in a group setting?

Well, I've got good news for you Blah. is trying something new - we're going to take a few groups of students, and teach them telepathy techniques, and try out new techniques. There will be three groups of students, one for each teacher (Jesper's students, eversosleepy's students, and Roy's students). For more information, and a way to sign up for this awesome opportunity, click here!

This is all free; we just want to get some dedicated students to try some new ideas, and hopefully learn something that the entire community can benefit from. Click on the link above to learn more, and submit your application.

Two Articles
Posted by Peebrain on December 3rd, 2004:

Howdy howdy,
Annie's Healing Manual, and the log of my Telepathy Lecture/Practice has been up a few days. Here are the links:

Other than that, join the Newsletter! Our seventh issue goes out this Tuesday, the 7th. They go out every other Tuesday.

Oh Goodness
Posted by Peebrain on November 27th, 2004:

Oh boy!
Finally got the new design updated Smiley. Hopefully everything will work - but let's be honest, I probably made a few mistakes somewhere. If you catch a bug, tell me so I can fix it ASAP: by PsiPog Mailing me.

*Deep breath*

Alrighty. Heh... I'm glad I'm mostly done. The Search doesn't work yet, but I'll get that up soon. Also, annie's new manual is pretty much done, so I'll be putting that up, plus the log of the Telepathy Practice/Lecture thing... probably tomorrow. Let me know if you find bugs!

What's Up
Posted by Peebrain on November 21st, 2004:

Hey all,
Just giving you an update on what's been going on. Annie has a manual in draft form, that should be online soon, and I'm working on a manual as well... although I've still got a lot of work to do Blah. I might also pound out another REAL article (not that boring "How to Practice" junk Blah) before my manual comes out. Also, I'll be putting that log up from the Telepathy Lecture/Practice thing. But not yet.

I'm also working on the new design, to get it finished before Thanksgiving. And I'm working on the new chat too, which will be 100x better than what we're currently doing. (I bet a lot of people out there will like the surprises I have for the new chat).

So.... nothing new THIS SECOND, but there will be. Also, if you didn't know, sends out new material every other Tuesday in our newsletter. Click here to read about how to join, and previous newsletters.

Three Articles
Posted by Peebrain on November 3rd, 2004:

Three new articles:

Very cool articles. Read them. And I'm working on another one, and a few other authors are floating around out in cyber-land doing stuff too. Keep checking back for updates Smiley.

Edit: Oh yeah, and our Telepathy Lecture/Practice is THIS SATURDAY. Find a partner (in real life, or online) and join us Smiley.

New PsiPog
Posted by Peebrain on November 1st, 2004:

Usually I save updates and do them all at once, but I'm really excited about this one. I've redesigned PsiPog, and it's nearly done. Click here to see what it looks like. I'm not 100% done, and I might switch a few things around, but that's pretty much it. I hope everyone likes it Smiley.

Lecture + Rumors
Posted by Peebrain on October 19th, 2004:

Howdy howdy,
We're trying something new again - this time we want to do a huge lecture and practice session, all at once. Read more about it HERE.

Other than that, there are some rumors going around... The following people have told me they are planning on having an article done:

Myself, annie, SunTzu, and Brandon.

So that's good. I have two planned (although I don't remember what about this second Blah), and the others have one planned, I believe.

Come to the lecture/practice! It'll be a blast Smiley.

Chat v3.5
Posted by Peebrain on September 18th, 2004:

Updated the chat slightly, to new version v3.5. Update is required... not a huge deal. Fixed a few bugs for people who trapped themselves into a shitty nickname, and made it so people are auto-kicked after they idle.

Edit: Gmail invitations...
Invite 1, Invite 2, Invite 3, Invite 4, Invite 5, Invite 6

Edit: More gmail
Invite 7, Invite 8, Invite 9, Invite 10, Invite 11, Invite 12

Edit: Jebus... gmail won't leave me alone...
Invite 13, Invite 14, Invite 15, Invite 16, Invite 17, Invite 18

Edit: Goddamn gmail...
Invite 19, Invite 20, Invite 21, Invite 22, Invite 23, Invite 24

New Stuff
Posted by Peebrain on September 14th, 2004:

Howdy howdy,
Some new stuff for you. I got SunTzu's latest article online in record time, and it can be found here: Clairvoyance. Other than that, the first newsletter went out this morning. If you want to join, look below and submit your e-mail address. If you want to read the newsletter, then click here. They are available to the public and don't require any registration with Yahoo. And, what the hell, here's three more gmail invitations: Invite 1, Invite 2, and Invite 3. Have a good Tuesday! Smiley

Edit: More invitations... google just won't leave me alone...
Invite 4, Invite 5, Invite 6, Invite 7, Invite 8, Invite 9

Edit: You guessed it...
Invite 10, Invite 11, Invite 12, Invite 13, Invite 14, Invite 15

Edit: More...
Invite 16, Invite 17, Invite 18, Invite 19, Invite 20, Invite 21

Posted by Peebrain on September 5th, 2004:

I've become motivated to make a bi-weekly newsletter for PsiPog. All you need to do is type your e-mail below, and confirm your e-mail address with Yahoo!, and you'll be all set! The first one will be sent out Tuesday, September 14th.

Subscribe to PsiPog's Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Edit: I've gotten five more gmail invitations. I didn't feel like making another news entry, so I decided to just edit this one. First come, first serve, if you want a free account:
Invite 1, Invite 2, Invite 3, Invite 4, Invite 5

Edit: More invitations:
Invite 6, Invite 7, Invite 8, Invite 9, Invite 10

Edit: More gmail...
Invite 11, Invite 12, Invite 13, Invite 14, Invite 15, Invite 16

GMail Invites
Posted by Peebrain on September 5th, 2004:

I keep getting more and more gmail invitations, so I figure... first come first serve. Whoever wants it:

Invite 1, Invite 2, Invite 3, Invite 4, Invite 5

If you don't know what a gmail invitation is, then don't worry about it. The first person to click on an invitation gets a gmail account, so grab it quick if you want it.

Edit: That lasted about 10 minutes... that was fun. All gone. If I get some more I'll post them again.

Posted by Peebrain on September 1st, 2004:


I've written an eBook titled The Psion's Handbook : Overview of Psionics. Click on the link to read more and download it! I hope everyone enjoys it Smiley. (Yes, this is the "secret" I talked about in the last News entry Blah).

Two New Articles
Posted by Peebrain on August 28th, 2004:

Howdy howdy,
Two new articles, so that's good Smiley. They are:
The Ebb and Flow Of Psionics by Brandon
Advanced Constructs Seminar by ME! Yay... Blah

Ummm... not a huge update. But don't fret - I have a little surprise/secret thingy up my sleeve, that I plan on getting online in a day or two or three. So, read those two new ones, and keep checking back for that new thing.

(Sorry to Brandon and everyone else for taking forever getting that Ebb article online. I've had it for like two months, and promised to post it, just never got around to it. But it's up now, so read it!)

Small Bug Fix
Posted by Peebrain on August 21st, 2004:

I've been out of town the past week, but now that I'm back, I've got a small bug fix. I fixed some broken images, the old polls, and the "login for 2 weeks" feature. They should all work how they should. Other than that, PsiPog Mail me if you find any other bugs. Back to work!

Slight Update
Posted by Peebrain on August 11th, 2004:

Things have changed slightly around You might not notice a huge change, but internally I reorganized a lot of stuff to make everything run a lot more quickly (which translates to costing me less money).

So, enjoy the update, and although it might not seem like that much from your end, feel better knowing that it helps keep PsiPog up and running smoothly Smiley.

Now that that's out of the way, I can focus on more important things, like articles, chat client, etc...

Web Hosting
Posted by Peebrain on August 4th, 2004:


In case you didn't notice, was shut down for a while today. The problem has been fixed... temporarily.

I know there are a lot of smart computer nerds out there, so if any of you know a good hosting company for dedicated servers, please PsiPog Mail me. I'm shopping around for a new host, hopefully we can find something good.

Sorry for all the trouble. I guess we're just growing too much Blah.

Posted by Peebrain on August 4th, 2004:

Well, if you just recently tried to get on, you would have seen we were "Suspended" by my hosting company. No need to worry - the reason was because we're too popular and we were overloading the server.

This has happened in the past... and it happened again.

So I upgraded our "hosting plan", and we should be ok for some time now (until they shut us off randomally again, and I upgrade... again Blah). Either way, we're back online.

Lecture + stuff
Posted by Peebrain on August 3rd, 2004:

Howdy all,
The chatters convinced me to do a lecture on Advanced Constructs. Read the event by clicking here for more details.

Also, I've finished the PsiPog Pic program. You can download the latest version here: PsiPog Pic v1.1. Most of you are probably like "what the hell is that?". It allows you to draw pictures and transfer them in a small amount of data... it might not be too useful right now, but I plan on incorporating it into the new chat client. Test it out, and let me know if you find any bugs.

Other than that, I am working on some projects for the website... I plan on having a larger update in a month or so perhaps. Articles, client, new stuff, etc... For some reason I like to do it all at once Blah.

And before I post this - thank you for all your support concerning the Google Ads! A lot of people offered help, and a lot of people are helping out, and it's really cool Smiley. If you'd like to help out, just click on one of those Google Ads once or twice a day. PsiPog will be sticking around for a while, but little things like that do help.

Other than that, I hope your July treated you well, and have an awesome August Smiley.

Google Ads
Posted by Peebrain on July 16th, 2004:

Oh no!
Yes that's right, I've added Google Ads to To be honest, I am BROKE, and I would rather add some advertisements than shut down PsiPog. Since I hate ads so much, and I don't WANT do force people to see silly ads, I made it so you can remove the ads if you are a member of PsiPog. It's free to join, and all you have to do is go to Preferences and remove them. That's it. So, if you want help out, click on a few ads for me. Or if you want to be a freeloader (which is cool, that's what I would do Blah), then just go in your Preferences, and remove the ads. I think that's fair.

Still Working on Chat
Posted by Peebrain on July 7th, 2004:

I'm really excited Smiley. I'm still working on Chat Client v4, and it's going real good, but I still have a ton of work left. I thought I would list some features I plan on adding, just to get you guys excited too. This won't be out for a little while, and this list may change in the future, but here's what I'm thinking:

1. You login with your username and password, and that is your nickname (no more IRC nicknames, and no more /nick'ing).

2. If you can't /nick to change your away state, how will you go away? I plan on having Away Messages.

3. Security is 100 times better. We can keep the annoying chatters out a LOT easier. Mods will see this directly, and regular chatters will see it indirectly. Less ban evasion, less annoying people, more cool people who can follow the rules.

4. This is what I've been working on the past couple days - I am adding a "doodle" type of thing. What you can do is draw a simple picture, and send it to people. This will be great for RV practices (draw a picture of what you see, and send it to the room, and everyone else can view it). Here is a screen shot of a beta-version.

5. I'm thinking of adding some computer/psi type games, that you can practice with a partner or group with. I'll try to think of games for all the major skills, and have games for each.

6. Tons of other cool ideas that I think of between now and the time I release it. If you have super cool ideas, and you think it's in reason, send me a message.

Old Polls
Posted by Peebrain on July 2nd, 2004:

Added a page of old polls located here. Or you can click on the link under the current poll that says "Click here for old polls".

Chat Client v4
Posted by Peebrain on June 28th, 2004:

Hi all Smiley,
I have been working on the PsiPog Chat Client v4.0, and I estimate I am about 35% done. It's really fun and cool, I can't wait until I'm done and everyone can use it! Oh well, I just wanted everyone to know I'm not just sitting on my ass over here doing nothing, I am working on the client, but it just needs a lot of work before it's ready. So, continue with your lives...

We're Alive!
Posted by Peebrain on June 20th, 2004:

Hey hey!
What a great day to not have meteors crash in to the earth Smiley! In other good news, I bought You Are Psychic! by Pete Sanders Jr. I've read maybe a third of it and it's a pretty cool book. If you have $15 to kill and want a different perspective on psychic things, take a gander. The book breaks all psychic experiences into four categories: psychic vision, psychic hearing, psychic feeling, and psychic intuition. It also has some cool visualizations you can do to enhance each of those four categories. Other than that, I've been kind of busy doing "normal real life"-stuff. Perhaps I can motivate myself to get some work on PsiPog done in the next week or two. We'll see.

History repeats...
Posted by Peebrain on June 13th, 2004:

So I have some more bad news. I know, two bad news things in a row, I suck Blah. I'll try to get some good things going again after I finish with this.

GreatSheepKing has requested that I remove his articles... again. Yeah. This would be the second time. I don't like being a dickhead, but I'm kind of cornered into being one. I'll never post them again, and I'll never allow GSK to come in the chat room. I won't lie, I do have some "hard feelings", but GSK's reasons for removing the articles suggest that he'll never want to go in the chat room, or do ANYTHING psi related ever again. So be it.

If you're looking for reasons "why", I'll paste some quotes that GSK gave me in his e-mail.

"Firstly, I have seen that within my time visiting Psi Websites ... that there is a drive, a desire, a wish to gain some form of power that we don't need, and that we shouldn't really have."

Assuming I'm reading this correctly, this means GSK believes we shouldn't even have psychic abilities. Obviously I disagree Blah. I find nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about your environment - that's how humans figure things out. We aren't taking drugs, we aren't spending tons of cash, we aren't hurting anyone... We are just looking inside ourselves and seeing what's up with that cool device given to us called a "brain". How does it work? What can we do with it? Beats me! But I have a fun time trying to figure it out Smiley.

"Secondly, The practice of Psi breeds contention"

I had to pull out my dictionary for "contention"... He's claiming that the practice of psi leads to competition and arguing. Perhaps it does, and perhaps it doesn't... If it does, is that a bad thing? Competition is a good thing, and so is arguing (assuming you don't rip each others eye lashes out from disagreement Blah).

And lastly... GSK has given us a question:

"I ask you now, all of you, what have you truly gained? And from then, I ask you what you've lost? Your morals? Your values? Perhaps... Your precious time?"

Well, I've give my answer, and you guys reading can come up with your own. This is a great question. What have I truly gained? I understand that I'm slightly emotional now, because I'm kind of mad, but I'll give this question some serious thought before I type some more. Do I do it for power? For fame? Maybe a little bit. But really, after sitting here thinking for the past 15 minutes, I know exactly what I do it for. And I know exactly what I've gained.

I remember the first time I moved something with telekinesis. I was sitting in my bedroom with a key hanging from the ceiling on some string, watching TV and banging my head against my bed because I couldn't get that damn key to move. I was 15 and I had been trying to move that freaking key for hours. The normal things kept popping in my head "this stuff is bullshit", "you can't do that, you know you can't, so give up", "this sucks". Hehe Smiley. I was sitting next to it on my carpet and looked over to it, just daydreaming. It suddenly spun around in the weirdest way - a quick jerk to get it going, and a quick jerk to stop it after it went around once. I stared in amazement. Complete awe. There was no PsiPog, there was no community, it was just me with the craziest idea that the other people out there who claimed to do this wern't nuts. Or at least, not all of them were nuts Blah. You know what I did after I realized I actually accomplished it? I exploded with excitement, and ran around my house with the biggest smile on my face. I didn't try to move that key so I could beat someone up at school. I didn't do it because I wanted to piss someone off. I didn't want a million dollars, and I didn't want to tell people "I told you so!". For me, it's about the discovery. The rush of excitement of accomplishing a goal that you've been practicing so hard for. Others told me that I couldn't do it, but more importnatly, I told MYSELF that I couldn't do it. But I did do it. I think a lot of people that visit PsiPog know that feeling that I'm talking about. I think GreatSheepKing knows that feeling, though he may have forgotten it, or brushed it aside because of something else.

I love the feeling of discovery. I love to learn! (Yes, I'm a nerd Blah). What have I gained? What do you gain from learning a musical instrument? I've been teaching myself how to play a guitar for almost two years now. I won't be in a band. I won't be a rock star. I won't get paid for playing guitar - in fact I've spent a couple hundred dollars for all the equipment. But when I sit in a room with my friends, we can joke around, and sing to a few select songs that I know how to play (and sound absolutely horriable Blah). When I go into the PsiPog chat room, I can talk to kids who have that same excitement that I do. That want to learn because they love learning about how to do cool things, and get excited when they have a good practice session. I love to be a part of setting that up, and making that possible with PsiPog. I love hearing new theories on how something works, or holding an online party to do something weird and interesting. I love when someone approaches me with this new thing they've been working on, and that sparks an idea in my head to try something too. We share our ideas, we share our experiences. We don't go around and try to hurt each other. We don't try to spread nonsense either. We're not professional scientists, but we can think logically. We have a brain and we want to push the limits.

Have I lost my morals or values? Absolutely not. I'm not perfect, but I know I'm not a bad guy. And I know the majority of people out there reading this aren't bad people either. I think there are a lot of people out there that have the same feeling that I do.

So, yeah, I'll step off the soap box now Blah.

Hehe... But yeah. I feel better actually! Perhaps I needed to get that off my chest to remind myself and everyone else what it's all about at PsiPog. This stuff is cool! And yeah, it sucks that I have to remove GSK's articles, and I am going to be a dickhead and not let him post anything or come and chat, but this is the hand I've been delt with. And if you agree with GSK, and think that psi is immoral or whatever, feel free to hit that [X] button on the top right corner of your screen Blah. If you've actually read this far, then I have a treat for you - I've updated the links section to include some smaller websites that deal with psi. Not scientific studies and stuff like that, just other communities that I've come across and thought were cool. As with anything on the internet, always set your skepticism level on "high", but I personally liked the sites, so maybe you will too.

Bad News
Posted by Peebrain on May 31st, 2004:

Got some bad news, but hey, don't let it get you down. First thing is that, if you read the flare party summary, you noticed how I asked for someone to give me a screenshot of the 8:28:30 spot. Well, someone luckily had it, but no flare was present like in the shot Astrodude15 sent me. So yeah, that sucks, but oh well. I added a section at the end of the summary to reflect that change, with the new pics I received.

And I've been informed that the world is going to end on June 20th! Sorry to all the fathers out there looking for a nice fathers day gift... Yes, another doomsday prediction thingy is circulating around. If you want to feel real scared, check out this page. But really, only read it if you have time to kill. Could it be true? Dun dun dunnnn Smiley.

Flare Summary
Posted by Peebrain on May 29th, 2004:

Yo yo!
The flare party is over! It was cool, nearly 100 people showed up which just blows my mind, and we got some weird results Blah. I've written up a page of information on what happened, and my personal conclusions, along with the raw data so you can read through it if you're really really really bored. Click for the PsiPog Flare Party Summary (May 29th 2004)!

And I almost forgot - everyone owes stony a huge thanks for letting us use his camera, and pummel him with psi balls Blah - Thanks stony!

New Articles
Posted by Peebrain on May 26th, 2004:

Alrighty - ran through another pile of articles and I have two more new ones for you:

Empathy and Healing by annie, and...
The Art of Programming by SunTzu.
(And if you didn't catch it before, I added Out of Body Experiences by Brandon a couple days ago)

All great articles, so read them Smiley!

I have one or two more that I might be putting up, so keep an eye open. But, if you don't do anything else, you MUST come to the Super Cool Fun Wacky Flare Party! this Saturday. Be there!

Official Flare Date
Posted by Peebrain on May 22nd, 2004:

Alright, the official time and day has been set up for the Flare Party! It is May 29th (Saturday), at 7pm EST. Be there! Because it will be really fun!

The basic idea is, we get everyone together, and try to flare a psi ball in one location on a web-cam that we are all watching. ("flare" means to make the psi ball visible, which is why we'll use the web-cam, so everyone can see it!). Before you decide if you want to come or not, read this page. If you do not read it, and you come and annoy me, I will be mad until I ban you, then I will return to feeling happy Blah.

So, everyone read it, everyone come, and hopefully everyone will flare one big ass psi ball in front of a web-cam! Smiley Smiley Smiley

New Chat
Posted by Peebrain on May 21st, 2004:

We've moved the chat... AGAIN!

Now we're on Just download the new chat client and you'll be chatting in no time. Hopefully no more identd issues, and other shit like that. If the chat didn't work for you before, try again, because it will hopefully work now.

Oh yeah, and I have one article sitting around that I should upload, perhaps I'll do that now... I've got a few pending ones that just need some minor editing things from the authors.

Articles + WebCam
Posted by Peebrain on May 17th, 2004:

Ok, I just got done reviewing 13 of the 50 or so articles in my inbox. Some good submissions in there that I plan on posting in a few days, assuming we can get it all figured out and everything, so look forward to those. I'll be hammering away at the rest of the submissions day by day.

The WebCam thing so far is doing ok. I talked to stony1205 and we got some things set up, but it's a little buggy. Hopefully we can get some bugs worked out and everything going smoothly. If not, I know some more people PMed me about WebCams they can offer, so I might be needing their help. Thanks for offering your help guys Smiley. As of right now, I am planning on holding the Psi Ball Flaring Party Deal Thingy on the weekend of the 28th, 29th, or 30th. Probably the 29th (a Saturday).

Also, I'll be puttering around some source code today, so you might see some new features on, maybe not, depends if I get something cool up Blah. Keep looking for updates! New articles should be up VERY soon.

New Fun Idea!
Posted by Peebrain on May 15th, 2004:

Howdy howdy!
I've just been discussing some cool new fun ideas in the chat room with everyone, and we all had an idea to create a big ass flaring psi ball all together. So, the plan is, we want to get someone with a fast connection and a webcam to volunteer and play along with us. We'll get everyone in the practice room and all try to flare to the one location, and make a real dense psi ball. Then we can all watch it over the webcam and hopefully it will be really cool Smiley!

So: before this happens, we need a volunteer for the webcam. When we get that settled, I'll post the official date in the Calendar and try to get people to come. But the first step is get the webcam guy. So if you have a fast connection to the internet (DSL, Cable), and you have a webcam, and you want to help us make a cool flaring psi ball, then PM me using PsiPog Mail.

No date is planned yet, but hopefully if we get a volunteer soon, we can do it next weekend (the 22nd, or 23rd). If not, then it'll probably be the weekend after that. Let me know if you have a webcam and want to help! Thanks Smiley.

Dalnet connection problems
Posted by Spectatrix on May 12th, 2004:

It took me a fair amount of time and effort to connect to the PsiPog chat with the recent IRC server change, and as some of the same problems might be plaguing other people trying to connect, I thought I might inform you as to the difficulties.

Because of the problem of cloning on IRC, most Dalnet servers require a ident response, especially from people with larger ISP's (i.e. most DSL and Cable providers). With programs such as mIRC, an ident program is built-in and thus the problem is taken care of. However, with your program, a separate ident server must be run. The program that I found (and that is recommended by Dalnet) is Ident Daemon, available at

In addition, people behind firewalls or routers will need to open up port 113, which is the listening port for the ident ping and response. I suggest that you provide this information on the chat page, seeing as how less computer-saavy people are very unlikely to figure out why the PsiPog Chat program is unable to connect.

Summer Time!
Posted by Peebrain on May 10th, 2004:

Hey guys,
Finals are over! Yay! But who wants to hear about that... what are the plans?

  • More Articles - Approaching just over 50 articles that I have to review.
  • Chat Update - I want to update the chat, I want to make it awesome, and I want it to work for everyone who uses Windows.
  • Translations - Tons of those, gotta integrate them.
  • Other Cool Stuff - Maybe some fun stuff like a lecture or maybe I'll start doing some weekly discussions, something like that.
So those are the main things I'm focusing on. Give me some feedback - what do YOU want ASAP? Articles? Chat update? Let me know what you think. Expect updates in the next couple days/weeks.

Chat Update
Posted by Peebrain on May 4th, 2004:

I've updated the Chat Client so we connect to a different server now. So, what does that mean? It means hopefully we don't have to deal with all those problems Austnet was giving us. It should be more stable... so I guess we'll just wait and see.

Only a few more days and I'm done with finals! One of the things on my "to do"-list is to get through those pending articles. So in about a week or two, look for new articles. Hopefully over the summer I can get those translations online too, that'll be quite the project. And I still gotta get v4 of the client, but that might not be for a while. So anyways... check back in a week or two and there should be new articles. In the meantime, keep reading, keep researching, keep practicing, and stop by the chat and say "hello" Smiley.

Posted by Peebrain on April 26th, 2004:

Hi Smiley
With the real chat being down, I decided to add a "Mini-Chat" to If you're logged in, go to Preferences, and add the Panel "Mini-Chat" to your Member Nav bar. Post away! Normal chat room rules apply, and if I catch you breaking a rule, I simply disable it for you and it doesn't work! Blah. Happy Mini-Chatting.


Ok... heh. It seems the "Mini-Chat" worked great, but it pretty much killed the server in about 30 minutes. I guess one person using it is no big deal, but when like 10 people start using it, and it refreshes a ton, and other people are accessing the site on top of that, it really kills the server. So I've disabled it for now, and perhaps I can find a way for it to work. If not, then it was fun while it lasted Blah.

Important News
Posted by Peebrain on April 23rd, 2004:

Alright Smiley

This is the second news entry for today, so be sure to read the news entry below this one about the chat. This news entry is concerning the "internal structure" of PsiPog stated in the last entry.

Ok, so this is important, so listen up:

If you submitted an Article to me...

In the past, if you have submitted an article to me, and you didn't get a reply, or maybe you updated an article, or whatever. You need to RESUBMIT the article to me, and it needs to be resubmitted to the address Do NOT send it to my personal inbox, I have created a new inbox specifically for article submissions.

I forwarded all old submissions to that account, and I have 37 old submissions to go through. So, if you want me to read your latest submission, you need to resubmit. I don't know if I have your latest, or even if one of those 37 are yours. Resubmit, just to make sure.

If you submitted a Translation to me...

You need to NOT resubmit. I am, however, changing where you submit the tranlations to. If you want to submit a NEW translation, send them to Do not send me your old translations, I still have all 44 of those.

So, review: If you want to submit an old or new article, send it to If you want to submit new translations, send them to Do not send in old translations, if you previously sent them to I have moved all those, and they are still all set.

Ok cool. Other than that, the article submission process will change slightly again, but this is the first step. The translation submission process has only changed that now you send to, NOT

That should keep my personal inbox more clean, and everything going smoothly Blah. Thank you for your time.

Chat Down
Posted by Peebrain on April 23rd, 2004:

It seems Austnet (the network that PsiPog Chat is on) is doing a pretty piss-poor job of keeping everything up and running. So... you probably won't be able to connect to the chat for a few days, depending on how fast they figure out what happened, and how long it takes them to fix it.

Soon I hope to move the whole PsiPog Chat to a different network, so we don't have to deal with that Austnet crap constantly.

Other than that, I have some ideas on how to change some internal structures of PsiPog to help make things update faster and move more smoothly. You might see an update soon about that. It's approaching Final Exam time, so I'll be working on PsiPog a lot less than I already do, but after finals I have a solid 3 weeks of screwing around, so I'll probably have a few updates in that time period.

Books + Site
Posted by Peebrain on April 8th, 2004:

Browsing around I found this interesting book, so I figured I'd let everyone know about it. If you got some time to kill the first couple pages are an interesting read. You can find the book on here:

You Are Psychic! by Pete A. Sanders, Read the first couple pages via this link

He does throw a few religious terms in there, but it seems mainly scientific in nature. His website is - yeah, I know, sounds like a new age site Blah. But hell, the guy seems to at least believe what he's saying, and he seems like he's a smart guy if they're telling the truth (graduated with honors from MIT, studying brain science). Either way, check it out, draw your own conclusions. I might buy the book for the hell of it... it's just $10.

Posted by Peebrain on April 5th, 2004:

I still get a lot of questions pertaining to the PsiPog Forums. I honestly do not plan to have any forums up for a very long time. Like... years Blah.

But then I thought... well what the hell, there are a lot of forums out there that are cool, and PsiPog doesn't run them. So, I've found some forums for you guys to check out. Please be aware - like I said - PsiPog does not have any control over these forums (maybe that's a good thing? Blah). But hey, if you are bored, and want to chat around, check them out:

So there you have it! Personally, I am already registered on those three, and check them out every once in a while. Perhaps if there are more people there, we can actually have a cool community up and running on a message board?

April Fools!
Posted by Peebrain on April 2nd, 2004:

April Fools, Fatty!

Aahahahahahahahaha! Sucker!

Everything should be back to normal... Chat should work with v3.1, no more random annoying midi file playing, and the article is still up, but not in the "Articles" section.

EDIT: Apparently there is still a little confusion - the article in the last news entry about levitation and phasing is indeed A JOKE. It is NOT REAL. Hence "April Fools".

New month, new stuff!
Posted by Peebrain on April 1st, 2004:

Alright, finally time for some updates! Smiley

First, PsiPog Chat v3.2 is finally out. I decided to get rid of a lot of annoying bugs - check out the Chat page. If you wern't having trouble before, you might not notice a difference, but a lot of annoying little things were fixed.

And we do have one article for you! Please Click Here to view it! It's some new ground breaking stuff, so be ready to be amazed Smiley.

Have a good day Blah.

Chat Update
Posted by Peebrain on March 16th, 2004:

Hey hey! Smiley
The system for posting stuff to the Calendar is in place and working great - it's working so great I decided to use it! The first discussion is scheduled for later tonight, at 5pm EST. Read more about it HERE. Hopefully all will go well, and we can stay on topic, and it'll be really cool. We'll see.

Minor Stuff
Posted by Peebrain on March 15th, 2004:

Howdy howdy,
I just got back from a week in Flordia - been chilling out on the beach for Spring Break Smiley. It seems March is the month for vacations... a couple of the other moderators are on vacation as well. Now that I'm back, and getting back into the swing of things, I thought I'd let everyone know what the plans were.

First topic: articles. We want more. We want them to be really cool. Heh, ok Smiley. As I always say, there is a few ideas tossed around, and a few drafts up for some new ones, but there isn't anything ready to be posted as of yet. Sorry.

Second topic: chat. Alrighty, here is something that there will be an update with. The client will be staying the same for a while (v4.0 coming along... slowly Blah), BUT, updates are going to be made concerning the structure of the chat. I was discussing some ideas with Mannen and the other chatters on how to have some more serious discussions, and more frequent practices, and we came up with an idea: Schedule discussion topics, and schedule practices, using the Calendar. So, not only will we use the Calendar to schedule Seminars (aka Lectures), but we will use the Calendar to schedule specific times to discuss a topic related to psi, and to schedule a practice that people can come to.

So how's that gonna work? Mods will post dates/times on the Calendar, and either the topic of discussion, or the skill being practiced. For example, maybe February 31st (Blah) we will schedule a discussion topic of "How do you think PK works?". Then at that time, in the chat, we all chill out and actually talk about something ON TOPIC. Or, we can for example, schedule a CRV practice for some date/time. People who want to practice just show up, and have some fun. Please note: Practices and Discussions are NOT Seminars. Seminars = teaching. Practices = you already know what to do, and you practice it. Discussions = everyone just talks about something. So those are the plans for the chat room. Expect to see an update on that soon - I'll post another News entry when I get the small system up and running.

Other than that, my inbox is officially flooded from my week vacation, so I gotta work on that too. Have a happy March 15th, and if you go on vacation, be safe Smiley!

Tid Bits
Posted by Peebrain on February 20th, 2004:

Just keeping everyone posted what's going on... I've posted a video of Float in the Media section - he's moving this toothpick around. It's pretty sweet Smiley.

Also, those of you that missed the last PK Party might like to know that stony1205 of PsiOnline has contacted me about his PK Party coming up this Saturday. His site has an article on spoon bending, and in his e-mail he states that the PK Party is planned for Saturday, February 21 at 7:00PM EST. He is holding the PK Party in PsiOnline's chat room - information can be found HERE about their chat room and how to get to it. Please note: this is not a PsiPog event, this is a PsiOnline event. [Edit: stony1205 has informed me of an Information Page concerning the PK party. Check that out.]

Other than that, I'll go through the basic things: Lots of new articles, Lots of translations, Little time. Blah. I've been sitting on an article by Yumper for quite a while now, so if he starts to hound me, you might see that up soon. Have a good day Smiley!

PK Party Results
Posted by Peebrain on February 8th, 2004:

Wow, that PK Party was awesome Smiley!
We started a little past 7pm EST to make sure everyone was there, and jumped right in. After our group meditation, we all tried getting it to work for the next hour and a half. Lots of interesting discussions in the mean time... with a lot of cool results. With a total of 65 (!) people attending (at one point), we got some cool pics of others' success. Unfortunately, I didn't bend mine (grrr! Blah) but perhaps at the next party I will.

The pics are online for you to check out and drool over - Here is a link to the pictures. The pictures are copyright their respective owners, and you are not allowed to copy them without the owners permission. But you can look at them and gawk all you want (I know I have Blah). It's up to you to decide if they're real or not... Yes some could be fakes, yes they could all be real, yes all could be fakes... Whatever! Look at them, decide for yourself. Either way, I had a blast, and the party was awesome. I hope to do it again in the future. If you missed it - bummer. You missed out. Try to attend the next one, whenever we decide to make that one.

I do have some more good news for you guys. GreatSheepKing stopped by the chat before the party, and told me I could put his articles back up! Totally awesome. He seems to be feeling a little down - if you see him make sure you tell him how much his articles help out. It's good the see the articles available for the public. Check out the "Recent Article" list on the Articles page for a list of his recently added articles. Nothing new, but still good reading.

Other than that, it was an awesome PK Party, and it's good to have GSK's articles in circulation again. Keep checking back, new articles from new authors are sure to be coming.

PK Party
Posted by Peebrain on January 31st, 2004:

Hey hey!
The plans for the PK Party have been made. Please read this page for more information. Read the entire thing. Then join us next saturday!

I will be allowing anyone to join from their own client. So if you use mIRC, feel free to join in. This is only temporary for the PK Party though. Just connect to Austnet and /join #projection at the specific time.

Everyone try to come! Hopefully a bunch of people will bend their spoons/forks. It doesn't have to be made of silver or anything (in fact, it's better if it isn't, you don't want to ruin a silver spoon Blah).

So, plan on it! Mark it in your calendar booklet thing or something.

What's up...
Posted by Peebrain on January 29th, 2004:

Yo yo,
Just letting you know what's on the plate. I have new authors submitting stuff (as I mention in every news entry Blah), but I should be getting some new articles up by the new authors soon. Other than that, you'll notice Jan 19th has passed, so the chat room is obviously back open. Q&A is doing good, though some questions are repetative... I suggest using the Search function. And questions like "how do I make a psiwheel?" are just plain retarded. C'mon now Blah.

Anyways, before I break into a long rant... next topic. I was thinking about holding an Online PK Party (like we did a while back), where people come to the chat and we all try to bend some spoons or something together. Haven't made any decisions, if you like the idea come in the chat and let me know what times you'd like it to be. Or you can Send Me Mail and let me know.

So that's what's on the plate... I hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather (yeah right Blah).

Chat down
Posted by Peebrain on January 13th, 2004:

You guys that frequent the chat will notice that it's been disabled. The other mods and I have decided it's time to take a little break from the chat room. I enjoy the chat as much as everyone else (well, maybe not AS much, but I do enjoy it Blah), but sometimes you just gotta take a breather. So we're taking a break for a week. Come back Jan 19th, and practice in the meantime Smiley.

More Stuff
Posted by Peebrain on January 4th, 2004:

We got another article, this one is a list of games you guys can play. Ways to Build your Psionic Abilities by Yumper. Strata posted an interesting link in the chat room too: Sweet video of a badass remote viewer.

Four Articles
Posted by Peebrain on December 31st, 2003:

Yo yo Smiley,
Four new articles! Yay! Here are the links:

Pretty sweet, huh Blah?

Other news: still gotta go through all those submissions. Tons of submitted articles, tons of submitted translations. I need to get all of that organized. As far as new articles, there might be a few in the next couple days if I like some of the submissions, but no promises (I'm usually a hard ass about new stuff, and it takes a long time to get a new author up and running Blah). Other than that, chat client is being worked on randomally, so it's slow progress. Don't hold your breath for v4.0 Blah, but it is on the list of things to work on. Keep checking back and read those killer articles Smiley!

Happy Holidays
Posted by Peebrain on December 25th, 2003:

Howdy all Smiley,
It's officially Christmas (2am here Blah), and I thought I'd let everyone know what's on the agenda. I know of one pending article from Rainsong that might be a while (we had discussed the topic, and she agreed to write it, but I don't know when she's going to start on it). Other than that, my articles are still/always pending Blah. Maybe SOMEDAY I'll get one done. I have a TON of submissions from new authors that have yet to be reviewed, and I also have a TON of submissions of unreviewed translations. Hopefully after the holiday I can hunker down and get some work done. I have started on chat client v4.0, and am progressing slowly. Other than that, I'm just going to relax for a few days, enjoy the time with my family, and get back to work when the time comes. Have a Happy Whatever-You're-Celebrating Smiley.

Three more articles
Posted by Peebrain on December 13th, 2003:

As promised, here are the articles:

OBE Seminar Log by Peebrain
Remote Presence by Yumper
Increased Sending Through Pinging by Brandon

Enjoy Smiley.

What's Going On
Posted by Peebrain on December 9th, 2003:

Hey all
Just letting you know what's going on. I've gotten a TON of e-mails regarding translations. Unfortunately, it is approaching final exam time (my last final is tuesday, the 16th), so it's real hard to keep up with it. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is e-mailing me regarding the translations. I don't have time right now to reply to everyone personally, but, to answer the most common question: Yes, I am getting your e-mails, and thanks a bunch Smiley.

Other than that, I'm running a seminar this friday, so BE THERE! Here are the details.

I am sitting on two new articles from new authors, and I'm still working on mine. So, expect the two new ones soon, expect mine... who knows when Blah. I want to start working on the chat client again too... but that is a big project (thinking about a v4.0, we'll see, haven't decided yet).

Either way, just letting everyone know what's going on, and what to expect. Drop by the chat if you have any questions. Smiley.

Psychokinesis Survey
Posted by Peebrain on December 3rd, 2003:

Erhan approached me in the chat room concerning a survey he wants to conduct. It seemed like a good idea, so here is the link to the document he wrote up: Psychokinesis Survey. E-mail all answers to the e-mail provided.

Another article, and other tid-bits
Posted by Peebrain on November 29th, 2003:

Howdy howdy Smiley,
First things first, I just uploaded a new article from Rainsong, found HERE. It's about visualization, and has some good info, so read it Blah!

Other than that, I've had both the Cult Rant by annie, and the Empathy Seminar by Rainsong added since the last News entry. Two awesome articles, so read those too while you're at it Blah.

The translation project is pretty insane! A huge number of people have offered their services for PsiPog, and I think that's awesome Smiley. Thank you everyone who has contacted me concerning the translations, and everyone working on them right now. It means a lot to me, and the community, and I can't wait until I can make them public for everyone. Speaking of making them public, when will I be posting the translations? I don't know yet. Unfortunately, it's almost December, and that means: Final Exams. Eeeek! Blah. I will try to get some sort of system hooked up soon for the translations to be public.

Other than that, what news is there? Everyone is working hard on writing more articles, which is awesome, and more new authors are presenting me with new material, which is also awesome. Keep checking back, hopefully the Newbies section will be up soon, along with more articles, and eventually the translations. Oh yeah, and let's not forget about Chat Client v3.2 Blah.

Translators Wanted!
Posted by Peebrain on November 23rd, 2003:

In an attempt to resurrect the translation project (getting articles in other languages), I have created the following information page: HERE.

If you were a translator reporting to KMiller before, please contact me ASAP. If you wish to join the translation team, then read the information page linked to above and e-mail me.

New articles! (finally)
Posted by Peebrain on November 19th, 2003:

Hey alright!
Now we're back into some productive action. I've put up two new articles from annie, one from me (Peebrain), and one from Oneta. The Telepathy Manual is back online too (thanks Rain and Keith Smiley). More articles are being written (of course), so keep checking back! ...I also plan on updating the Newbies section to reflect the downed articles linked in it. Update update update Smiley.

Bad News :-(
Posted by Peebrain on November 12th, 2003:

Hey guys,
Got some bad news... All the articles from PsiPogAuthor (aka KMiller) and GreatSheepKing are being removed. Why? I can't really give you a straight answer... Nonetheless, they aren't my articles, they are their articles, and this is what they have decided to do. This is obviously not what I would decide Blah. I'm on a lab computer right now, so I can't delete them this instant, so when I get on my home computer the articles will be deleted.

Sorry guys... On the plus side, most of the articles were stuff that a lot of people could do, so hopefully we'll have some "replacement" articles up, and perhaps that will stimulate some new ideas coming from another author. It sucks, the staff here isn't happy either, but... what can we do? It's not our decision...

Sorry again, keep checking back for new articles.

Psi Series on German TV
Posted by Arystos on November 7th, 2003:


the tv channel "ARD", germanys main tv channel, will start a new documentation series about psi on november 17th. you could post this news so all germans have the chance to view it.

this url has some information (in german)

bye Smiley

Cool new stuff! Yay!
Posted by Peebrain on October 31st, 2003:

Hey guys Smiley! In case you haven't noticed, PsiPog has changed a bit in the past day or so. I changed the left image a little to try and get more people to notice the larger sections, and I added *dun dun dun* the Q&A! Inspired (read: copied) from the great Andrew W.K. Blah. Basically, you submit questions, and we answer them - simple, huh? The bad news is the Forums have been destoryed in the process (oh boo hoo). Hopefully this new form of communication will be more fitting to this site than the Forum was.

Also, I've added two new articles. The one from PsiPogAuthor that I promised in the last News entry, and the Shielding Seminar log from annie. Check the Article section, at the bottom where it says "Recent Articles", for quick links to them. I still have some more articles from annie sitting in my inbox, and I believe Gnome aka Mazrim aka Jaspers has a new article for me soon. Rainsong and I are still working on ours, but those should be around soon as well.

Other than that, enjoy the new Q&A, enjoy the new articles, and keep checking back because there's still more stuff coming Smiley. Oh yeah, and v3.2 of the Chat Client should be out in the next month or two... Just a heads up. I've also deleted all the inactive PsiPog accounts... over 2000 I think, but that still leaves over 2000 active accounts Smiley.

Some articles removed, some more coming...
Posted by Peebrain on October 8th, 2003:

You might notice that some of PsiPogAuthor's articles have been deleted. No need to panic; I can't disclose the reason for this, so don't ask me or KMiller, or we will reply with a witty and clever remark Blah (or just ignore you). The more popular articles and seminars are still here. The final count was 15 articles removed (out of 35), and I actually have one sitting in my inbox that I need to upload that KMiller wrote a few weeks ago. PsiPog wishes KMiller the best Smiley.

On other news, I have some articles from annie sitting in my inbox as well, along with a pile of new authors submitting stuff which still has to be reviewed. Rainsong has promised me an article, so I'm psyched about that as well Smiley. On top of that, I plan on changing the design on PsiPog slightly in the future, so we'll see how that goes.

Stop by the chat for the most recent updates concerning PsiPog Smiley.

Media is back online!
Posted by Peebrain on September 26th, 2003:

Hey guys,
If you haven't noticed, the Media has been offline for a little bit, and so has the Forums. (Please to not PM me asking why the Forums don't work - read this). No, the Forums aren't back online, in fact I'm getting rid of them all together (and replacing them with something that will be better suited for this site, hopefully Blah), BUT the Media is back online. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who offered help when we needed it. The Media section is now back to normal because of them.

New video from annie, plus other comments
Posted by Peebrain on September 2nd, 2003:

We've got a new video from annie in the Media section of her spinning the pinwheel UNDER glass Smiley. Also, more articles are on their way, so keep checking back (I'm writing two, and I know of a few other authors that are writing as well).

Fixed that crazy bug finally
Posted by Peebrain on August 17th, 2003:

Finally found that bug that was reporting those large numbers in the Statistics panel. I guess our egos have to return back to normal now Blah. Nonetheless, they SHOULD be correct now. Of course, that's what I said last time, so let's see in a few weeks.

Awesome new video from NI
Posted by Peebrain on August 11th, 2003:

Added a new video from NI that's in the Media section - check it out, it's insane. He's spinning a watch on a desk. Thanks NI Smiley.

New site is online!
Posted by Peebrain on July 25th, 2003:

Howdy all Smiley!
The new site is online and I've added some cool new features. This "News" thing being one of them. Other features include personal inboxes for each registered Member, Forums, new Article categories, and a Member Navigation bar. Hope you like the new stuff Smiley.