Increased Sending Through Pinging

by Brandon

Are you having trouble pinging even the most sensitive people? Then maybe I can help. This lesson will assume you haven't read anything on pinging before, although, it couldn't hurt to get a more global scope on its procedure. Considering this paper's own scope, starting at square one seems appropriate. The idea behind pinging isn't hard at all. It's the delivery that's the problem. Hopefully I can shed light on the harder part. The easy part is simply understanding that a ping is a quick but effective telepathic announcement of your presence. It can obviously be more complex than that but for now just practice with "Hey" in mind. Why not "Hello" or "What's up?" you ask? Simply put, "Hey" is just more assertive and will get more results from a wide range of people if done right. Well, let's dive right in.

The Gritty Details:

PsiPog acknowledges a wide variety of places to pull psi from. I've heard or read everything from your abdomen to your tongue to (wherever this absurdity came from I'll never know) earth itself. Despite this plethora of places to pull from, no one actually stresses the importance of where you decide to pull from. Let me be as blunt as possible - it's essential. There are three core spots that seem to resonate with the most energy. This appears universal but more feedback would be appreciated. These spots are: the abdomen, the solar plexus, and the head. As you may know, PsiPog does stress the abdomen most, as do many New-age books and Eastern religions. However, if you're practicing often with minimal results, the perhaps you might want to reconsider pulling from a different spot. That's enough on what nerve cluster to pull from for a while. Let me step back and explain myself so this doesn't all sound like half-baked tripe.

My Epiphany:

I spend roughly 40 hours a week working at a store in a mall in Colorado. Now, a week or so ago I was just like many of you. Constantly aspiring to find some way to prove to myself that these psionic ideas were real and not some crack pot dissociation with reality. I've read all the essays, papers, guides, manifestos, rants, ad-infinitum and nothing was working. Well, of course it works,or does it? It's just so hard to tell in the beginning isn't it? Anyway, one day I decided it was time to pull from other places; a rather elementary concept in retrospect. Bingo! People were consistently turning around in surprise.

Stronger Sending Exercise:

Since for me it was more of a tactile visualization, I'll describe the activation method in that sense. This will, of course, require a bit of trial and error. First, get comfortable. Throw some music on, take your shoes off and relax. Do whatever it is you do to get as comfortable as possible. Now that you're relaxed, start at your abdomen and pull psi from there to your hands to make a psiball. Don't move the psi from your abdomen through your arms to the ball. Instead, move it straight from the source to your hand and pay attention to how it feels. Do this for each spot and see what feels most pronounced. Once you've decided that, you only want to work from there. It may take minutes, hours, days, weeks but be patient. When you get a pulse, or buzz, or tingle stronger than any other spot you try, you know that's the one to use. As soon as you're confident in your skill at getting your spot of choice to activate so to speak, it's time to start trying to ping.

Pinging (Whew,finally):

This was quite a lot for just pinging, but that's not all you learned. You're now louder than ever at this point. Assuming you practiced of course. Anyway, let's ping shall we? As I said before, only use "Hey" for now. First step is to go to a public place. You need the numbers at first. A mall really is a great place to do this at. Sit at a bench or something at your public spot of choice and try to ping people walking by. Note any quick movements, jerky head turns, complete turn around and from there try to refine your method. Ok, here's how. It's quite simple after all, well it is now at least. Preliminaries can never be skipped. It just doesn't work well otherwise. All you do is concentrate to get that humming, buzzing, or tingling as nicely as possible and then roll it off you toward your target while thinking "Hey" at its crescendo. Unseen people are the same. You just get a signature first and then send it to them. You might realize after practicing this for a while, you are much clearer and louder in TP games. People might actually report hearing your voice instead of pictures and such. I hope this helps your sending ability considerably and keep practicing.


Last Modified on December 13 2003