Psionic Paintball and other Simple Psionic Games

by Rainsong

Psiballs have acquired quite a following. The simple little constructs continue to intrigue novice psionicists. For those of you who particularly enjoy the exercise in question, this little article outlines some very simple games to play, each based on the psiball, but requiring a bit of extra programming. All of these games require that you already possess the skill to make a psiball and to separate it from your field,to be able to throw it, for example.

Psi-Yoyo: Make a small psiball and extend a tail from it. Loop the tail around your finger, programming the tail to extend and contract (or wrap and unwrap) from the ball. Details in the exact form of the psiball are up to you. It may be a literal psiball or it may be yoyo shaped. The toy is played with, exactly like a traditional wooden yoyo, or the more trendy plastic ones.

Juggling: Make one or more psiballs or psicubes, according to your skill. Three is a common number to juggle. Toss the constructs gently in your favourite juggling pattern. You may catch them in your hand of bounce them off the dense part of your field around your hands (or drop them all over the floor for the cat to play with, if you're a klutz like me), whichever you find most amusing.

Psi-Squooshie: Program your psiballs to partially collapse on impact, and to either stick to the wall or slide down it. Then throw them hard against the wall. (Pretty much Skywind's 'Psiball Splat')

Water Fight: The psiballs are programmed to collapse on impact, and to produce an illusion of a water splash, for this one. To make it a water fight, two or more players are required, and they throw the little constructs at each other. If you want to add several degrees of difficulty to the game, use partial shields/shield fragments to defend against the psiballs.

Paintball: Add colour to the waterfight psiballs, and you have a psionic paintball. These may be thrown, as in the water fight, or they may be fired from paintball-gun constructs, the details of which I will leave to your imagination. A simple example is a basic paintball rifle-shape that sends off its ammunition when you mentally flick your shoulder. You may find it advantageous to make several psiballs in advance, programming them to hold their shape until impact, and storing them in the larger rifle-construct, in your pocket, or in a quartz crystal or two. Another option for a simple paintball gun is a "super soaker" type water-gun that shoots sprays of psi-paint.

Psi-Paintball games can be as simple or as complicated as you care to make them. You can incorporate shield practice, the use of construct decoys, and telepathic influence; or simply chuck constructs at each other. However, if you play inside, remember to disrupt the construct patterns and clean up the psi, so your Mum won't be too annoyed by the mess.

- Rainsong

Last Modified on September 04 2002