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Ooooh, a page dedicated to me! Alright! Well, those two handsome guys over there are both me believe it or not. The one where Im typing I had a mustache but I shaved it (thank god, it was damn ugly). So now Im better than ever. A couple things about me:
  • My name is Sean Connelly....
  • Im 16 years old (bday is May 7, 1983)
  • I weigh about 172 pounds
  • Im 6 feet tall
  • I live in western New York
  • Im a computer programmer (I program in Qbasic, C, and C++)
  • I have another site for programming reasons (
  • I started practicing psychic stuff Feb-1-1999
  • I made this page after I made a crappy psychic page trying to cover every subject (that was toooooo hard)
  • I make all my sites using Notepad (no editors for me)
  • My favorite movie by far is Austin Powers 2: The Spy who Shagged me
  • Favorite TV show is, of course, the Simpsons
  • The longest stretch of time Ive been on my computer has been 16 hours, so I guess Im a nerd.
  • I play soccer and baseball at my school
  • Thats it I think, if you have specific questions, dont be afraid to e-mail me:
  • Oh, and my favorite band is The Offspring