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Psi Balls: what are they? Just pure energy ! Alright, maybe you don't know what I mean by that. This is my theory, you don't have to believe it... have an open mind though...

Everyone believes in energy right? We have nuclear power, conservation of energy, fuels, and all that good garbage. That just electric stuff. Then we got magnetic energy and magnetic fields and such. The Earths magnetic field holds us down to earth - we call it gravity. So, we know one rule in science that says: "Anything with mass has gravity" or something like that. Well, its obviously true. The earth has strong gravity and has a large mass while the moon has less mass, therefore, less gravity. Ever wonder why you weigh less on the moon and more on Jupiter? You probably already knew that though. But that just shows that energy is everywhere. Here is a list of where you can find energy:

  • Earth (gravity means energy)
  • Sun (not only heat - solar power - but gravity also)
  • Moon (gravity means energy)
  • You - you have mass don't you?
  • Me! I know I got mass...
  • The air between you and your computer screen - yes, not only do magnetic fields carry through air (thats why magnets can float) but it also has little particles in it which also has mass.
  • Everywhere!
Everywhere? Yes! Whats that one comet that orbits the earth or sun or something every million years or something? Halies comet? Why does it go way out and still come back? Because the energy from our solar system can still reach it no matter where it is. But since you probably will never be leaving earth, you don't really need to know that there is energy outside of our little planet.

So how does this all tie down with Psi Balls... Whatever they are!? Alright, its about time I get to the point. Here's the jist of Psi Balls - you control energy and move it into a compact sphere. An energy ball. Made with your psychic skills... therefore a Psi Ball! Of course, it doesn't have to be in the shape of a sphere - we'll get to that later. I've heard of two places to make them, one is on your forehead, where your "third eye" is, and the other, which I'll mainly be concentrating on, is in your hands (you can make them in other places if you want to - dont limit yourself - those two are just the most common).


Energy is everywhere. Gravity, light, electricity, and magnetic fields are some forms of energy. A Psi Ball is a ball of energy either made in your hands or at your "third eye." It can be made anywhere, most people make them in those two places though. Using your psychic skills, you direct the energy into a compact sphere, or in any shape.