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About me

Is this for real? Didn't you read my "What are they" section? Anyways, here I will present all the things I know for a FACT. None of this - "Well, this one guy told me" junk, this is personal experieces and anything else that comes to mind. Sure, you don't have to believe me, in fact, you don't have to believe anything you read/hear. Frankly, I don't care if you do believe me or not... Im doing this for you - don't want to hear it - LEAVE! Sorry if I was a little harsh. I get carried away sometimes .

Hardcore Facts (stuff you can't deny)

  • Energy is everywhere (see "What are they?" for proof)
  • Thats all I can think off (pretty pitiful )

My Experiences

Heres my only entry in my journal about Psi Balls:


Yesterday I saw my PSI ball which was cool. I was in lunch and WB's brother was picking on JT. He was just being mean. It was starting to piss me off so I decided to give him an illness. I balled up all the negitave energy I could get my brain on, into my hands. I cupped my hands differently so I would get it more compacted but it was completely surrounded by my hands so I couldn't see it without opening my hands. I opened my hands to look inside and I saw a blue wavy worm like thing go from one side to the other. That broke my concentration so it went away. I made another one and looked in and saw the worm thing again. I tried not to break my concentration but it was too hard. I then made my third one and leashed it onto WB's brother. He'll be feeling it later....

Other than that, I've had a lot of experiences where I see my Psi Ball. A couple times I saw - ya know those little white things when you see stars? Not really stars but they're just white dots - I've seen them inside my hands (not around my hands proving that I didn't just "bump my head"). Other times I would see that blue wavy snake but not as vivid as the two I saw that day (above ). When I first started, I would feel a cool breeze over my palms. I think that was because I didn't believe and my negative, cold, attitude was coming through. Now that I totally believe, I almost always get warm ones. Now I also feel tingly sensations too. And sometimes I feel parts of my fingers getting pulled by a magnetic force into the middle - like a string was connected to it and the string was getting tugged on. A lot of impossible-to-ignroe sensations. Don't worry, you'll know what Im talking about soon .

One more thing. I can't really PROVE it to you: When I first started, I was thinking of a way to actually TEST to see if something was really there. I wanted numbers, not feelings! So, I tried to change the tempature around this electronic thermometer. I would cup my hands around it (see figure) and just make a big Psi Ball, trying to get the tempture to raise or fall. I succeeded. I could raise it a whole degree (F) in less than a minute. I was impressed (and so was my dad ).

Another thing about the tempeture. The other day I was thinking, "What if the heat from my hands, just my body heat, increased the tempeture around the thermometer. Then there wasn't any ball at all!" so I tried something else. I made a ball from across the room and after about 2 minutes of making it I sent it to the thermometer. Right away it went up a tenth of a degree and a like 2 seconds after that it went up 2 tenths of a degree. No, not one tenth at a time, it went from 93.9 to 94.1. That really convinced me that these wern't all in my head.