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Oooooh, the kinesis' all packed into one file - YIPPIE! Alright, lets first list the kinesis' I know and what they're about - then you can click on them and see what I could come up with on them:


telekinesis (tl`-k-n`ss, -k-), n. The movement or objects by scientifically inexplicable means, as by the excercise of an occult power.

This is a damn cool skill. I havent mastered it yet but I have made things move. I love practicing it though, it's a lot of fun. Most of your time and energy, when practicing this, should go into your beliefs, not your brain. This is the things you should NOT do (unless they work for you , this is aimed at beginners though):

  • Stare at something for a long time hopeing it will move
  • Ask an object to move
  • Try to 'will' it to move
  • Try to force it
  • Obsess with it
Now, stuff you SHOULD do:
  • Concentrate
  • Be relaxed
  • Have fun
The most important thing, other than belief, is to Just do it, or, as Yoda is famous for saying: "Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try." You have to learn to do it like how you learned to move your arm. You don't think "Arm, move!" - it just does. You shouldn't think "Ball, move!" - it just should. E-mail me if your serious about learning telekinesis ( - I've taught beginners how to make it happen the first time - which is usually the hardest.


psychokinesis (s`k-k-n`ss, -k-) n. The production or control of motion, especially in inanimate and remote objects, purportedly by the exercise of psychic powers.

Everyone knows Uri Geller, the 'psychic' that could bend spoons, keys, and nails. I think he is fake, well, not 100% fake, but he's not 100% real, thats for sure (read James Randi's book, "The Truth about Uri Geller"). But, just because magicians can look like psychics doesn't mean that psychics don't exist. Im not sure if I have done this yet. I know when I was done concentrating on a key it was bent a little but it might have been bent before I tried (I didn't check - stupid stupid stupid me). I can't offer a lot of advice on this subject. I assume it is a lot like TK, but I don't have a big urge to bend things with my mind. It's just not what I want to work on.... yet.


It wasn't in my dictionary

I couldn't find any information on this at all. In my journal, there is an entry where I try to light a candle (Mar-21-1999) and I saw some sparks. I think (Im no expert) that it's just a matter of practicing and working on it... I can't really give any new info on it until I can do it. Sorry!


It wasn't in my dictionary

Pagokinesis, whats that? One site said that the skill to freeze something with your mind exists. It also said it didn't have a name - but that was all it said. So... I went to a translator online and typed in "ice" and hit convert to Greek, I got "Pagos" or something so decided that Pagokinesis would be a great name... you come up with a better one! This skill I'm totally in the dark one. Maybe someday I'll learn it but for now, I don't know the slightest thing about it. Try just training your mind like you would with any other kinesis, it could work. E-mail me if you get results too ( because I'd like to hear how and what happened.