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Heres all the great places Ive been to - go to them all, they're super great !

Psychic Sites:

Educational pages for people who like learning.

Active Psy - Only the greatest psychic site in the world! This site taught me, not only about Psi balls, but a ton of other things. Its awesome. Go there - NOW!

Astral Projection Home Page - Covers the topic of Astral Projection (Out of body experiences) great!

Out of Body Experiences - Great book!!! This book is not only online (so its free) but it's totally new information on OBEs. This book got me into leaving my body - which is a wild experience.

Istion Ascension and Clearing Page - Whatever that title means... ??? It's got a great links section - I havent really looked at the page itself.

SpiritWeb - Huge site, it's pretty good too. I would suggest going here to anyone.

Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Page - If your looking for a topic, its probably got a couple pages on it - check it out.

Skeptical Sites:

Yes, you have to have these sites. Where would the world be without skeptics? They keep people from being idiots (but they are human so they do make mistakes too)

James Randi Educational Foundation - James Randi's page. He's a really smart guy so just because he doesn't believe in this stuff doesn't mean something is wrong with him. I will admit, he comes off as extremely cockey though but that just shows you how confident he is.

The Skeptics Society - Another popular site, I havent had time to check it out but its pretty big thats for sure.


Whatever else I think is cool.

The Offspring - Only the best band in the world !

Peebrain Shareware - My programming site! Just go there to check out my cool animation.

Scottland - My friends site, he thinks Im nuts for believeing in psychic stuff but he's still a cool guy.

SHARKS 1961 Homepage - My dads site, mainly about nothing but it's pretty funny.