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About PsiPog

Well, not much to say. Pretty much this site is maintained by me, Sean Connelly. You can e-mail me at peebrain1@hotmail.com but please don't ask me to teach you something. I know it sounds like I'm being mean, but I offered my teaching services (which isn't great, I'm still a beginner) on my old web page and I got 5-7 e-mails a day asking for help. Not that I don't want to help, but I just can't handle it. If you have a die-hard question and havent seen anything about it anywhere on the web, give me a ring. I just don't want anymore e-mails saying "Im a beginner, teach me telekinesis" and stuff like that. Yes, I have taught beginners through e-mail, but it's a full-time job.

Anyways, enough of me complaining to all you good people out there . PsiPog was created on May 20, 2000 when I thought that there should be a page where people could teach and learn. Not only that, but psychic sites are few and far between, not to mention that most psychic sites aren't psychic at all - they're "Call 1-900-FAKE CRAP for FREE psychic reading!" Yes, those are fake, and if you believe they're real, you have a lot to learn . Anyways, I made this site to help all those people who e-mailed me and I never responded (if you did get a response, feel lucky).

So what is PsiPog? Well, it's a site for Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance. So, if you are or have ever wanted to be psychic, this is a good spot to start (well, once it gets up and running). Don't forget to check out the link section to find more great sites that help psychic students out.

What about Psi Ball Station? Ah yes, for all those people out there looking for Psi Ball Station (my old site), you're going to have to face the fact that it's gone. But, I feel that I've made an improvement. Now I can not only talk about Psi Balls, but I can give you guys my thoughts on a ton of other skills. Plus you guys out there can write your own articles and I'll put them up here so it's not all coming from me. That way new stuff gets in all the time without a ton of work on my part . Psi Ball Station is history, but if you still need some help, just check out the Psi Ball section because the articles I wrote there are almost exactly the material I had on Psi Ball Station.

Look at this, my first sentence was "Well, not much to say" and I'm already making you scroll way down here to read this . So, what are you doing way down here? Shouldn't you be either reading or writing an article? Get on your horse and be productive !!! Heh, just messing with ya...

Sean Connelly
Sean Connelly, founder, webmaster, and your buddy
I stole the "signature" idea from www.spiritweb.org - sorry guys, it was such a cool thing though... I had to take it!

Questions or comments? Want to praise or insult me ? E-mail me at
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About PsiPog
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