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Questions and Answers
By Peebrain (
peebrain1@hotmail.com, http://psipog.iwarp.com)

Basically, this article is aimed at all those questions about psi balls I got in my inbox that I never answered (sorry to all you guys out there, it's not as easy as you think ). So, below are the lists of questions and if you click on it, you'll get my answer. I understand that some people would disagree with my answer, that's OK, if you feel I left something out or wrote something stupid, write an article and send it to me entitled "Peebrain is a peebrain" . Just for you're information, these questions came from over 230 e-mails from people like you.

Have you ever created a visible one?
What exactly is a psi ball supposed to look like?
If I make them can the ones I make be visible to other people?
Are they supposed to be really bright and can they light up the room?
How do you see a psi ball?
How long does it take for you to get a visible psi ball?
Do you have real pictures of psi balls?
How visible is a psi ball supposed to be?
Is it at all possible to colorize your psi ball or make it visable to others?
Is it possible to see psi balls without learning aura-vision first?

Am I imagining the correct thing?
I can't visualize/feel all that "energy" stuff that you're supposed to; advice?
What do I visualize?
What is visualization?

How do you throw psi balls?
Do you throw it physically or mentally?
If you throw them at someone can they feel it too?

Energy Sources
Are there any other power sources you could recommend for me and what you would visualize?
What am I getting the energy from on Earth?
How do you gather energy?
How do you draw energy from a source, what exactly do you do?

Do you flex your arm muscles when you make them?
Do you simply relax your whole body?
What level of concentration should you be?
Do you have "off days" or what?

How do you...
How do you compress a psi ball?
How do you put more energy into a psi ball?
How do you get the energy to flow?
How do you maintain a psi ball?
How do I get the energy from my body into my hands?

Time Periods
Is there any certain age to start?
How long does it take for you to get an actual psi ball?
How long should it take to actually feel the intenseness of the ball?
How long each day should you practice making them?

When you're gathering energy, do you feel (in you're hand) two magnetic forces pushing each other?
Blah blah blah - is this normal?
My hands are burning a little; does that happen to you?
What do psi balls feel like?

Should I ground before making one?
Do you ground before you work with energy?
Do you center a lot?

Psi Balls and Other Objects
Can psi balls actually affect physical objects?
Can you knock over a pencil two feet away just by using a psi ball?
What do they do when they hit an object?
Do they ever cause electronical interference?
Can you make them so powerful that they turn into fire or electricity or even sound?
Can you use them as a weapon like in DBZ (Dragon Ball Z)?
Are those psi balls dangerous at all?

How can I keep my mind from wandering?
What can you do with them (besides playing)?
Are you pulling people's legs?
Do you know of any good links about psi balls?

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