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General Outline To Shielding
By El Hardcoro Student of Psionics (

What is Shielding?

Shielding, in psychic terms, is a form of protection from outside influences such as psychic attack and empathic overload. A shield is a layer of energy that you surround yourself with and that allows you to regulate what energy will affect you and how.

How Do I Make One?

The simplest form of shielding is a simple boundary shield. To make one, imagine your skin becoming full of energy, and imagine energy coming out of the top of your head and pouring down your body. Wherever this energy touches your energized skin, it solidifies. It turns into a solid shield of energy that can protect you. There. You have now made your first shield (albeit a weak one )

What Other Types of Shield are There?

Lots. The most interesting in my opinion are the combat shields. These shields are defensive/offensive shields that are used in a psychic combat situation. There are also camouflage shields, which although very hard to master, render the user invisible or at least hard to find to other psychics. Shields can be used for many different things; I store my constructs in my shields. But you have to know what type of shields to use when. A boundary shield (like the one above) would be useful if all you wanted to do was prevent yourself from being empathetically overloaded. To do this, as you make your shield just "program" your shield/imagine it filtering out all empathic signals as you make. For a mirror shield that would block out all energy signals and send them away, imagine this as you create it. I tend to almost mentally "talk" to my shield when I program it. Intent is almost everything. Almost. For more advanced shields, however, there is a factor of the structure of the shield as you create it.

Cool. But can you have more than one layer?

Of course. If you make yourself a combat shield, it would actually be far wiser to have several shields on top of each other, each to do a different job. This will constitute a shield system.

What are the main factors affecting shields?

Concentration and energy. Amount of enegry, that is. Some shields require less concentration and more energy, some more concentration and less energy, etc. An abosrbtion shield would require a lot of concentration but not so much energy; you'd have to program it to
1) detect incoming signals,
2) perceive whether they are hostile or friendly
3) if hostile, the signals must be caught and depatternized
4) and must finally be absorbed into the shield.
All this would take quite a bit of concentration and programming skill. Also, there is the skill factor. The more experienced you become with working with a particular shield type, the less concentration is required for it. Kinda like the computer game Diablo:- the more experienced you get with a spell, the less it takes to do that spell.

Any last tips?

Once you've made your first shield, keep it up 24/7. Regenerate it several times a day. Once you can actually feel your shield on you, this means you've put enough energy into it. Now try something slightly more complicated, or try upgrading your shield, but using the skin-charging method I described above.

El Hardcoro
Student of Psionics

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