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Fun Things to do with Telepathic Projections
By Rainsong (

a) Use a blank wall or a fairly large piece of paper as a backdrop, and imagine drawing a picture on it. If you have decided that you have no artistic talent, draw a wobbly stick figure or a lop-sided geometric shape. The level of artistry is not important. The clarity of the image is. Make it as clear as you can. Practice it several times a day until you can see your pictures on the wall or paper. When this stage is nice and comfy, go on to 'b'.

b) As a game with tow or more players, take turns projecting pictures onto the backdrop. The other players' task is to see the picture and record their observations. Don't worry if it's hazy or even completely blank at first. It gets easier with practice.

c) Once 'b' has become so reliable as to be boring, use the projected visualization as a gameboard to play Tic-Tac-Toe, Nine-Men's-Morris, Hangman, or more complex games such as checkers, chess, or backgammon.

d) Project the writing of letters, words, numbers, or mathematical formulae onto the backdrop for the other players to pick up.

e) Instead of projecting a visual image, project a taste, smell, touch, or sound.

f) Project notes or tunes, the idea being for the other players to hear them and hum them back.

g) Sing or hum a duet with yourself: sing one part in your head, and the other out loud. Start with easy tunes such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in a round, because this is harder than it sounds. In fact, carrying a tune deliberately is far more difficult than it seems that it should be. If you are really ambitious, accompany your duet with a musical instrument such as a harp or piano or guitar.


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