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Guess the Fruit
By Rainsong (

Yet another introductory telepathy game, for two or more players, may be played face-to-face or long-distance with the only practical difference being the mechanics of checking the results, by telephone of e-mail perhaps.

One person plays the part of the Sender for each 'turn'. Make sure everyone has a chance to Send at least once per game. The Sender chooses a fruit or vegetable to think about. There is a sample list at the end of the game description, in case someone suddenly can't think of one, but do not restrict choices to this list. The Sender then chooses a methode by which to think about the chosen plant, while intending that the Receivers pick up on his or her choice.

The obvious way to go about this is to repeatedly think the name of the object over and over again: "Cantaloupe, cantaloupe, cantaloupe..." while concentrating furiously. This is the hard way. It does work for some people, if they can keep that one basic thought up without other ideas popping up.

The Sender might choose to visualize the writing of the name of the object, over and over again, in a notebook or on a blackboard. S/he might imagine drawing or painting the object in the same manner.

Another, much easier, route is to think about the object. Consider how fuzzy and brown the kin of that juicy, sweet-tart kiwi-berry is. Visualize the kiwi-berry split in half, so you can see the bright green flesh and the tiny black seeds. Imagine slices of kiwi-berry garnishing a pie. You get the idea. Just relax, and turn it over in your mind.

The Receivers write down in their notebooks both what they think the fruit or vegetable is, and how the impression feels. Gradually, the 'feel' of the correct impressions will be able to be distinguished from the 'feel' of guesses and logical reasonings. Of course, Senders should also make note of which method they use, and how successful the Sendings were for each attempt, so to learn which methods work best for them.

There are several 'methods' for Receivers to consider. These are some of them. Mentally ask yourself, "What is (the Sender) thinking about?" Imagine a blank canvas or an empty fruit basket and wait to see what appears. Let your mind go blank and still, and just listen for the answer. And, of course, you could actually attempt to actively read the surface of the Sender's mind.


Sample List: apple, peach, nectarine, lemon, lime, passionfruit, pear, pineapple, banana, kiwi, honeydew, grape, orange, cherry, cloudberry, saskatoon, carrot, tomatillo, potato, tomato, olive, avacado, lettuce, bean, snow pea, radish, cucumber, beet

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