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What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel, astral projection, out of body experiences (OBEs), or near death experiences (NDEs) are pretty much all the same thing. Although many people believe that OBEs are just vivid dreams, they probably havent experienced them. OBEs are as real, if not realler, than what you're doing right now. A lot of people ask "How do you know you're not dreaming?" and the answer is simple... I know I'm not dreaming the same way you know you're not dreaming when you're walking around in the real life.

But, what are they? Although everyone seems to have different opinions, the most universal definition is that you move your consciousness outside of your body. Many (including yours truely ) believe you're walking around inside your soul - essentially you're a ghost! It's the cheat menu for life, you get invincibility, invisibility, no clipping (you can walk through stuff), and the ability to fly. I don't want to make it sound like a game but it sure is fun! Not only do they provide the wildest experiences, but they make you more spiritual (if used properly)!

The basic idea is that you act like a ghost but get to be able to come back to the land of the living. It's usually done during the night or in the early morning but can happen at anytime. I must warn you... it is scary and once you open that door... I don't think you can shut it. But I would suggest anyone to do it - it's scary only because it's weird and unknown. After a while the fear goes away because the unknown is now known.

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