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What are the Kinesis'?

Ahhh, the Kinesis' - probably why most of you are here, especially if you're a beginner. I first thought about making the catagory "telekinesis" or "psychokinesis" but after some thought, it was clear that there are too many something-kinesis, therefore, to allow me to cover more subjects, I decided on the Kinesis'. Kinesis means movement and the prefix describes the kind of movement. Listed below are all the different Kinesis' I could think of and if you click on them, you'll be zapped to the definition:


Psycho, or the psyche, refers to the mind or something mental. Therefore, this term really covers all the others, but for the purposes of this page, psychokinesis will be limited to bending and distorting metal or other objects.


Tele means distant, therefore any movement created from a distant source would qualify for telekinesis. It's generally defined as moving an object with the mind.


Pyro, in case you didn't know, means fire or heat. I bet you can already guess what this is ... yup... starting fires or heating up a surface with your mind. There isn't any material on the internet pertaining to this subject... I hope some people will decide to write about it.


Cryo, opposite of pyro, means cold or freezing. So, basically, you freeze something with your mind. Or you can think of it as slowing down the movement of the particles. Slow particles = low temperature, fast pariticles = high temperature.

Biokinesis (Vitakinesis)

Bio, refering to cells, or Vita, refering to life (vitality), both describe the same skill. I guess, from my limited sources, that it is the skill of rebuilding cells or not ageing. The fountain of youth... heh. Possible? I don't see why not, but it must be very rare.

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