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Questions and Answers

The Q&A served as an interactive FAQ database while it was active. Over 1700 questions have been answered by the PsiPog Staff. If you have any questions on the articles, feel free to browse the applicable Q&A category. If you need some help, don't forget you can always search!

If you have a question, please see the links section for active communities you can ask. is no longer active, and all new questions will be DELETED.


Perception (353)
Questions about perceiving psi. Skills include Telepathy (scanning, pinging, broadcasting, etc...), Empathy, Remote Viewing, and others.

Manipulation (389)
Topics discussing manipulating psi. Psi Balls, Shields, Constructs, and others.

Psychokinesis (415)
Mainly for questions about psychokinesis, but cover topics on Pyro/Cryo-PK, Bio-PK, and other applications of PK.


Other Skills (147)
Psionic questions relating to othe skills like Phasing, Psychometry, and Pendling.

Research & Psi-Theory (94)
Scientific questions regarding popular theories on psionics; what is psi? How does it work? Etc...

Website Related (126)
Questions specific to the organization.

Miscellaneous (236)
Other questions that don't fit anywhere else.